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Painter 8 to ship April 28, 2003

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  • Painter 8 to ship April 28, 2003

    Karen Sperling wrote an interesting article summarizing some of Painter 8's new features. Official ship date has been announced as 4/28/03.

    The article in .pdf format (about 1.4 MB) can be found at her site:

    BTW: I wasn't able to open the document directly from her site (I was getting some goofy error message.) By right-click and saving it to my hard disk, I was able to open it.

    Something interesting:
    Registered users of the following are eligible for the Painter 8 upgrade price:
    * Adobe Photoshop 5.5 and higher
    * Fractal Design Painter 4 and 5
    * MetaCreations Painter 5 - 6 and
    * all versions of Corel Painter and Painter Classic

    So if you're a Photoshop user who's thought about Painter in the past, now you can take the plunge w/o ponying up the big bucks for the non-upgrade version. You can get the upgrade version. (It must somehow verify during installation you've got PS installed on your machine.)

    Not eligible for the upgrade price are owners of Photoshop LE, Photoshop Elements (either verssion).

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    I'm convinced developers use version numbers to confuse prospective buyers. Due soon:
    Photoshop 8
    Painter 8
    Paintshop Pro 8


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      I've been somewhat busy and haven't had a chance to frequent this site as much as I would like . . .so a bit of information.
      I'm not sure if everyone is aware of this . . .at the Wacom website

      Registered owners of Wacom Intuos and Intuos2 tablets are eligible to take advantage of several special offers, one of which includes Corel Painter 8 for ($149.00) which is normally the upgrade price, or Procreate knockout 2 ($99.00) and several other offers as well. For those interested it may be worth a look.


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