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Me Again, another arty type pic, with variation.

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  • Me Again, another arty type pic, with variation.

    I'm trying to capture the effect of brush strokes BUT not to have too much little detail in the strokes.

    The first was another PaintEngine homemade preset (those things are fun! and pretty easy to make once you realize what each slider/choice does - took me a while tho), plus a little bit of extra touch up work.
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    The 2nd Piccy

    Is just the first BEFORE the extra touch ups, but with DryBrush filter added.

    I kinda like the way the small dotty details of the first are blended into the single colour-block (in any one area, I mean).
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      Nice work, Fluff. It's not clear to me how the 2nd one is different from the first one. Is #2 the "before" you applied the PE effect? Or after a different PE effect?

      RE: Your PE custom settings.

      How about if you go out to your PE fmachine.ini file and copy/paste any of your custom PE settings into a subsequent post. That would give Paint Engine enthusiasts here at RetouchPRO the opportunity to copy/paste them into their own PE .ini file and give them a go.

      Here's are a couple created and posted about a year ago by a very talented member who still stops in once in a while (Vikki):



      You'll most likely have to change the setting numbers. Note: The leading "!" in the setting name causes these to "sort to the top" of the setting choice window.

      Anyway, keep the cool pix coming.



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        Danny. Would you believe that one of those brushes froze Photoshop. I found the problem, though. When I cut and pasted there as a space placed after one of the commas. After I removed the space everything was fine.

        Just thought I'd mention this in case someone else has a problem.


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          [QUOTE]Originally posted by DannyRaphael
          [B]Nice work, Fluff. It's not clear to me how the 2nd one is different from the first one. Is #2 the "before" you applied the PE effect? Or after a different PE effect?

          Umm yes, I just double checked the piccies - what is obvious at 30 inch by 20 inch @ 250 dpi (my digital to photo printers want 250 dpi) is NOT obvious at 72 dpi for webpage.

          Try zooming in to the tree area or the tree trunk. #2 pic has broad blocks of colour, #1 pic has sweeps of brush strokes.

          Yup to the PE presets, but i gotta go offline soon, so it'll be tomorrow or so..


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            BristleBrush is the one i used to get the #1 piccy..

            Setting21=Oil Pen;1,1,0,0,0,11,65,72,40,1,100,340,12,73,1,1,0,0,46,4294967294
            Setting24=Bright Chalk;1,1,0,0,2,5,88,60,16,1,84,500,93,51,11,-3,0,0,4294967295,4

            Don't forget to edit the settingXX to a number you're not already using in fmachine.ini....


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              Thx for the heads up on the embedded space problem / solution.

              Awesome custom brushes. Many thanks.

              How did you get the "wider" reply window, avoiding the text wrap? That was pretty slick.
              Last edited by DannyRaphael; 04-20-2003, 03:05 PM.


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                DannyRaphael I'm using a tool called proxomitron which alters html on the fly brfore the browser even sees it - it kills ads, allows all text boxes and frames to be resized and/or wrapped, + 100's of other things, some specific (like geocities moving ad kill), some generic, like popup ad kill. All done by match-replace scripts. That might have allowed the bigger size message area...?


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