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Paint Engine tricks by Fluffbutt

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  • Paint Engine tricks by Fluffbutt

    Has anyone ever tried using paintengine on a mask channel?

    Wouldn't that be so cool, a paint mask, then you could, say, do a dry brush based on the mask, then invert the mask and so umm... ahh.. pallette knife!!..

    <oh boy, Fluffbutt wiggles his furry kitty cat tail and runs of to try it out!!!>

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    Well !!!! THAT was interesting!!

    I also found another really good fun thingy to do - load up the luminance of a picture as a setting, do one PE preset, then invert the selection, and do another PE preset

    *** it's advisable to feather or gaussblur the selection before doing the 1st preset (the inverted selection will still be feathered)..

    This gives some really lovely impresssions...

    <Fluffbut runs off, tail wiggling, to try PE on one colour channel then another...damning his typos as he goes..>


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