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DANNY - (No Text) - yes, over 99 PE filters is fine.. I had 118...

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  • DANNY - (No Text) - yes, over 99 PE filters is fine.. I had 118...


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    Strange, I can't get PE to recognize brushes with 3 digit numbers. I had to sort the list in a spreadsheet to figure out which numbers were open, then assign those numbers to the new presets. What am I doing wrong?



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      When I did the test I had no unused numbers...

      Maybe PE doesn't like too many unused numbers AND over 100's??

      I had settings 0 to 118 used, with the last 30 odd being copies of other filters with a 'z' in front of the name (so i'd know if they were really there, at the botom).

      Note that PE won't like a filter hand made (in the ini file) with a name over ?? 13 characters (I think, or is it 17..?).


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        Thanks for all the work with Paint Engine. I've tried to figure out the controls a few times but lost patience each time. It looks like you are getting a grip on this and coming up with some interesting presets.


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          Andrew, I think if PE as a brush, and push is how much you move the bristles (not the whole brush) one way, pull is the other way.

          (Extremes of either will give you speckles or sparks)

          Each of the push/pull can also lighten or darken (and a push lighten does not cancel a pull darken eg pull with +2 is not cancelled by push with -2). I think this is because you could say that different 'bristles' are pushed than pulled...

          Over the other side you can factor what part or 'theme' of the image is mainly worked upon, and I see the input tick box as factoring some of the original back in. I've yet to describe the line box properly....

          The other bits below are more obvious..

          Try setting everything to zero, then just moving one slider, a little then a lot...

          Anyone else have any thoughts on this?


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            Fluff... I echo Andrew's comments about appreciating you sharing your PE knowledge / expertise.

            PE is a favored tool of many, but I've never run across anyone (until now) that actually had a decent understanding of what the controls do or how to use them.

            If you ever have the notion to craft a PE tutorial or hints or best practices-like piece and need a hand, I'll be glad to assist in any way possible. Something like that would be welcomed by many.

            Again, thanks for sharing your experiences, custom brushes and expertise.