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Creative interpretations: Flowers - Upside down (Singularity)

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  • Creative interpretations: Flowers - Upside down (Singularity)

    Flowers just seem to make a good photo-art subject. This was taken at Cranbrook Gardens in Michigan.
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    Such a beautiful plant -- one I've never seen before.

    Here's one no one has seen before--- with the aid of polar coordinates, spherize, layer mask, and a color wash.
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      Spherize vertical, cropped, colored pencils, some sponge work, some burn tool work, hue/sat.
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        CJ and! Both of you went with distortion and got fascinating results!

        BK, I think this is one of your best efforts!

        I just played with color and texture, using simplification in the process.

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          Michelle - thank you for a great image to work with.

          CJ - WOW, WOW , WOW - way cool. Very unusual look and works perfect with this.

          BK - The colors and overall feel is just wonderful.

          Phyllis - The subtle back ground colors just make the flower pop right out at you.
          Very attractive effect.

          here is mine!
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            Very cool everyone.

            CJ - You found a use for polar coordinates and it looks phenominal. (I've always thought of that filter as useless for myself.)

            BK - (and please take this as a compliment) This would make a great black velvet/black light print.
            Such intense colors with the deep black shadows. I love it!

            Phyllis and Jill, as always, I love your work.


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              Michelle - beautiful flower pic - thanks for posting.
              CJ - WOW! very creative, artistic - beautiful!
              BK - nice abstract - like the color!
              Phyllis - I really like the softness - another one of your beauties!
              Jill - looks like you combined some type of line art techique for the background which really makes the flower standout - nice job.
              Here's mine ... I used one of CJ's techniques...
              I created another image/file - transparent background
              Ran select color several times (flower, stem, leaves) and pasted each to a new layer in the new image.
              Then, I ran various colors/drop shadows, styles on each layer..
              created a new background layer with daisies...
              Bill C
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                I think I'm getting addicted to these great flower pics!
                Here's my second version ... duped layer ... smudged it ....used a graduated overlay .... ansiotrophic ... flattened .. then ran thru NeatImage to really smooth out the details...
                Bill C
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                  Originally posted by ArtistColumbus
                  BK - (and please take this as a compliment) This would make a great black velvet/black light print. Such intense colors with the deep black shadows. I love it!

                  I've often wished we could select the page background color that we would like to have for our artistic endeavors here. To MY eye, they always look better (especially ones like the one I did, where it goes to black around the edges) when viewed on a black background. Take my pic and put it into Photoshop - hit the F key twice and see what I mean. I frequently do that with my images because that makes every detail much clearer and more distinct to me - often I catch erasures that didn't fully erase and that sort of thing. Plus it just looks cool!


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                    Michelle -- thanks for the use of your photo -- it is such an unusual and beautiful flower, and it has certainly sparked a lot of interest here in the forum!

                    BK -- I'm with you -- I use the black surround to see my images also. I love the vibrancy and lighting of the colors in your image!

                    Phyllis - just lovely - great color contrast!
                    Jill - a striking treatment -- the bloom really shows off well!
                    BillC - I really like the "graduated" image -- smoooooth colors!
                    Fishboy - unusual treatment of an unusual bloom - almost looks like there is some chrome thrown in there!


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                      Well, I for one am glad that the forum itself isn't black. I think I would have a hard time with that, even if it might be better for viewing some images.



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                        Decided to try something different with this one.

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                          Cloned in Painter
                          Cloners/Water Color Wash Cloner
                          Cloners/Water color Fine Cloner
                          Water Colors/Dry Eraser

                          In PSP

                          Duped bottom layer
                          2nd Layer - Multilply reduced opacity
                          Merged both layers.
                          Add a brushstroke/Dissolve with two colours to bg.
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                            Very nice Neve and thanks for bringing an oldie back to the limelight for us to play with.



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                              My pleasure but I've finished digging deeper!


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