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  • Poppy

    A closeup of a poppy. Have fun!
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    Blacknight's Blacklight Poster

    Sketchy filter on a layer copy - set to color burn. Flattened. Kept making layer copies and setting to things like overlay or color burn - whatever would darken the background and not so much the flower - lightening with hue/sat or levels to keep the flower "lit". Used the burn tool a bit on some background elements. Cropped and added a faint border and text.
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      BK - beautiful! Obviously, a lot of work, but well worth it!
      Fishboy - yours may have been quick, but a very nice technique. Nice job.
      Here's a lineart version ....change the color of the poppy.
      Bill C
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        Fishboy - looks like you preserved it with shrink wrap!
        I just can't leave these alone - so here's my second version....(I really should be cleaning the basement!) (Hey - maybe we should join Digital Darkroom Addicts Anonymous)
        Bill C
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          I love poppies!

          Nice work, guys -- each takes a different turn, and shows another lovely side of the image.

          Mine's close to some others' here -- some angled strokes over smart blur, topped with a golden blur plus some color and texture for the background.
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            I just can't stay away from BK's flowers. Wish I had some in my yard!

            All wonderful entries, and all very unique. Great jobs!!!

            Mine is my typical quick and nasty oil painting.
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              Amanda - feel MORE than free to do something like you just did with that poppy to ANY of my flowers (as well as your own or anybody elses!). That's just gorgeous!

              Another blacklight poster...
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                I'm not sure what to call this, or even sure what i was thinking at the time, but here it is:

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                  Still laughing, BK. Just finished my version of your Poppy".....and was viewing other's renditions before posting.

                  Seems we both started with Mike's scratchy action...... From there traveled a different path. Think I like yours better...

                  Everyone has done a great job....
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                    BK - another great picture! Are all the flowers from your garden? If so I am green with envy! LOL

                    I love what everyone has done - great job to all (notice still green with envy!)

                    I used KPT Planar Tiling then used the history brush low opacity on the BG. Emboss and added slight texture.
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                      Originally posted by TwinbNJ
                      BK - another great picture! Are all the flowers from your garden? If so I am green with envy! LOL
                      Yes, they are, but don't be green - most all I have photographed and posted here come up like weeds. I mean literally. They grow everywhere, with no encouragement, and despite DISCOURAGEMENT!. Poppies, calandulas, wall flowers - just go crazy. So I take their pictures!

                      I got my eye on a creamy poppy, and one with tons more yellow that I will post sometime soon...


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                        Ooooo, Jill -- it kinda looks like it "A Poppy from another Planet" -- I like it!


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                          BK, thanks for posting this lovely flower for us. I love your poster! Wonderful!

                          Fishboy, very nice! I like what your technique does to the background on the first, and the plastic wrapped one looks like an old-fashioned wax flower.

                          Bill C, wow...bordered in gold...awesome!

                          CJ and Bill both did nice fine outlines...the technique works very well with this simple flower...both very effective!

                          Amanda, a gorgeous usual.

                          Goldcoin,’ve outdone us all on brightness!

                          Michelle and Jill, both nice combinations. You’ve turned the humble poppy into something more...very imaginative!

                          I went with simplicity of form and intensity of color.

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                            This is what happens when I have too much time on my hands.
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                              Thought I'd go for variety. :-)

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