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Creative interpretations: Pasture

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  • Creative interpretations: Pasture

    Here's a scene that I have tried to do something with and I can't seem to get what I want. Of course the problem is that I don't know what I want.

    See what you guys can do with it.

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    I started to try black/white, but ended up playing with the color of the light hitting the different parts of the pasture.
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      Oh WOW CJ! That is awesome! Now I'm almost embarrassed to post mine.

      I was trying to play with the light as well, but leave it more as a traditional photo. First I cropped it to make it more of a panoramic, then added a different sky that I have in my "sky collection." Increased the contrast by copying the green channel to a new layer and setting the blending mode to luminosity with opacity 50%. Added another layer in overlay mode and played with dodge & burn on the highlights and shadows. Finished it with a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer to adjust everything to my liking.

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        E.B. - nice picture, thanks for sharing.
        CJ - very dramatic - I like the lighting and texture.
        Here's mine
        Duped the layer
        Top layer - ran Apply Image ... with the mask button checked ... then selected blue channel, difference, gray channel
        Then I changed the blend mode on top layer to Multiply
        Bill C
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          Jeanie, CJ, BillC

          Would one of you adopt me so I could watch you do this stuff.

          All three of those renditions are great.



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            Did a couple of versions of this. Plain old clouds filter for the bland sky, and the NEW command/option/tilde thing (cool - thanks, stay-at-home mom!!) on a layer set to vivid light. Sharpen and hue/sat to taste.
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              The other version.

              Whoever guesses what filter I used wins a prize!
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                Jeanie - wow! Nice work
                BK - also, a wow! great colors...(could you provide a link/hint on the 'tilde' thing?)
                My guess on the filter ... begins with an A! (of course!)
                Bill C


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                  e.b.--thanks for posting such a great pic. it almost looked like a painting already!

                  cj--that's gorgeous! such a soft, pretty look. love the self-framing on it, too. great job!

                  jeaniesa--i'm so glad you did post this. it's wonderful!!!

                  BillC--wow! i love how you balanced the light and the dark in this one. terrific!

                  my man BK--look at you all down with the Anistropic filter.
                  (where's my prize????? cash is always nice.) I like both of your versions...very well done!!!

                  fishboy--you most certainly are good at other things besides plants and animals. great work!

                  chuck--I love it!

                  Mine is just a quickie done with Paint Engine. I added a few friends for our distant horsie. He looked lonely.
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                    Isn't everyone having a great time with this image!! Thanks again, e.b.!!

                    Jeanie -- "Awesome" right back at you! What a wonderful panoramic view!

                    BillC - love the night view, and it makes good use of the detail-less sky area -- smart and good-looking!

                    BK - vivid reproductions - good use of the Luminescence mask!

                    Fishboy -- obviously, your skills work on landscapes as well as fish; love that magenta sky. We get those here often.

                    Chuck - love those clouds! Make it bigger!

                    Amanda -- I'm SO glad he's got friends now - what a beautiful pastoral scene!


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                      Yes, a lot of very creative, wonderful renditions.
                      Here's my 2nd ... having too much fun in the digital darkroom. (and, way too much time)
                      Bill C
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                        BillC!!! Loving it!!

                        I usually don't like water added to photos, but this really, really works for me. Well done!!!


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                          I really liked this picture when I saw it. Bill and I must have been working on the same idea at the same time as far as changing the dirt in the fore ground. I added blue bells.
                          All the submissions are great.
                          Took a picture of blue bells from the web and dup it a bunch of times. Worked the bightness and contrast. Used dry brush and plaster filters.

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                            Originally posted by themanda
                            BK--where's my prize????? cash is always nice.

                            *hands her a box of crackerjax*

                            Your prize is inside...


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                              Wow, so many great efforts...changes in light and color can make so much difference, can't they? Lots of good work here, but a few really caught my eye: CJ, the lighting is absolutely perfect! This is a wonderful bit of photo art! Jeanie, the panorama is a great idea and turned out really well! Amanda I love the ponies you added...perfect touch! Chuck, that's a great painting and the added clouds add extra oomph...great job!



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