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NYC bike-a-thon # 2

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  • NYC bike-a-thon # 2

    I like this shot also --- enjoy!
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    Cutout - history brush, with emoboss and dry brush.
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      another one -- dup layer and desature-- curves and levels, history brush then overlay with the layer, add texture.
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        Jill ... the cutout is really 'neat', however, my favorite of the two is the second one - looks like a lot of work, but the results are worth it - nice job!
        Here's mine ... I played around with Apply Image to get the black sky ... then I used Lighting effects with texture.
        Bill C
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          oooo Bill once again you and I are on the same wave lenght (I hope here!) that stop light!

          WONDERFUL !!!!!! Love it - great look.


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            Bike New York May 4 2003

            Billc-- It Realy looks like a night shot great job.

            Fishboy--Nice renditions Keep up the great work.

            Hears Some fish for your tanks.Seen crosing the intersection
            not waring there seat belts.
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              Jill - love the second one

              Bill - what a great effect

              Fishboy - i've never been able to use the dissolve blend to where i like it, yours works fantastically with the scene.

              KayakBob - too funny

              I tried the Hayes Island tutorial on this picture

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                Hey Spin...

                A belated welcome to the fun forum. Just looked at a couple of your recent creations and may I say, "I'm glad you found us!"

                You definitely have the knack for this kind of thing.

                Keep 'em coming.



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                  Thanks Danny, I'm so glad to have found this place.



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                    spinnnz- the Hayes Island tutorial looks like a perfect match for this image. Great job.


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                      I thought I'd try out an "action under development" on this one. It's supposed to look "painted."
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                        Danny - this action looks like it is ready to go! Wonderful -- is the frame part of the action?


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                          The frame action is separate. Should have mentioned that.


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