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My first chance to offer: Sorrento

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  • My first chance to offer: Sorrento

    This is a scan of an old snapshot, right out of a pocket camera, from Sorrento, Italy. Needs lots of TLC, but tremendous potential.
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    Bill -- lots of potential INDEED! Wonderful image -- thanks for sharing!

    Here's a color sketch - outlined and angled strokes, with sunlight and shade gradients added.
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      Mostly the same filters as above, but ran more times, added texture, color gradients run at different angle...

      Bill, your image could tell many stories -- visually and narratively...
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        Here a color, there a color...
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          Bill - I enjoyed working on this one --- Thanks!

          CJ - both submission look wonderful.

          BK - color - yes!
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            Bill - thanks for sharing this pic.
            CJ - very nice color sketch - I really like the colors
            BK - likewise, I like what you did with the 'splash' of colors.
            Jill - Very nice - I like the brush stroke/texture you used - and the line drawing-like effect (was this find edges?)
            Here's mine ... Sorrento at night
            Bill C

            hmmm ... after I uploaded the pic and took a look at it, it appears way too dark ..
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              And, after seeing how dark the previous one was, I thought I better post one that has a bit more light and color...
              Bill C
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                CJ, both great! Love the moodiness of the first and the watercolor look of the second.

                BK, you sure brightened up that old neighborhood!

                Jill, the smart blur outline works well on this architectural subject.

                Bill C, lovvvvve the misty moody night colors! And the second is very bold...has a woodblock look.

                I did a color sketch using my quick sketch method followed by some work with the dodge and burn tools, then added some color to the trees that had been dark and gray with shadow.

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                  Woww! These are fantastic! This is really fun putting an image up.

                  CJ- magnificent! really captures the mood.

                  BK- Enhancing the colors worked great!

                  Jill- That is clearly a hand inked and chalk colored "original". Beautiful.

                  BillC- I wouldn't have walked down that path in that dark! Excellent use of gradient on the second.

                  Phyllis- Gorgeous! Print it and hang it!

                  Fish- Outstanding effect. Works extremely well!

                  Thanks everyone!


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                    I have to agree with Bill M...this is a great thread, they are all fantastic! Very creative and well done by the masters

                    CJ -
                    Beautiful work. I REALLY like the second version, it's a great effect and does wonders for the sky.

                    BK -
                    Wonderful and bright. Great job on opening up the shadowy foreground.

                    Jill -
                    Excellent sketch/wash. I love the blotchy color wash areas. How'd you get that effect?

                    Bill C -
                    I really, really like your first rendition. It looks like the very last moments around sunset, just before all light is lost, when the sky still has a very slight glow. Excellent lighting!

                    Phyllis -
                    Your sketch is excellent! You really did wonders with this one, opening up the shadows yet not losing detail in the rest of the image. It looks like soft early morning light. Perfect!

                    Fishboy -
                    Very nice job! I like the thick sketchy look with the small patches of color. It's almost an abstract. Very creative.



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                      Put some clouds in, ran an action called Pen&Wash (Here ) Did some adjustments and added crosshatch.
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                        Very nice E.B.! I've been trying to duplicate the sketch technique I used on the cobblestone street sketch. This is getting close, but not quite it.
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                          Bill M, what a great picture, it looks like it should be hanging on a wall, as is. I started with a sketch technique and went from there.

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                            Wow, great texture and color, Lisa! It really captures the stone.


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                              Re: My first chance to offer: Sorrento

                              Nice pic.I would love to visit Italy.

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