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  • Red Peony

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    Emphasis on red...
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      I'm ready for my closeup...

      EXTREME peony
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        BK - nice pic, thanks for sharing. My peony's have not bloomed like that yet.
        Fishboy - I like your bright abstract
        Amanda .. yes, a closeup for sure! Nice color and isolation of the flower
        Bill C
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          BK - now that's a flower! thanks.

          I like what you did - yes you got the red!

          fishboy - very interesting texture and colors.

          Amanda - Love how you cropped it! great idea - also wonderful treatment!

          Bill C - yes you got the red also! nice job.

          Well I went for a painted look.
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            Did somebody say RED?
            BK- I like that. Looks like tapestry.
            Fishboy - I like the second version especially the edge(frame?)
            Amanda - Love the soft edge and close up.
            BillC - Heavy paint texture. I can almost feel the paint.
            Twinb(Jill) - Do I detect a hint of Anisotropic ? Good paper texture as well.

            Here's an oil painting of a RED poeny.
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              Ya know I can't pull a fast one on anyone on this board - LOL

              I ran that filter and a few others.

              BTW - the texture and color on yours are wonderful - great job!


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                Fishboy- Don't be so hard on yourself. Although a lot of people say I am my worst critic.



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                  Everyone has done some fun stuff to BK flowers.
                  Here is mine!

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                    I've been stuck on the diffuse glow filter for a little bit, so here is one more....

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                      Wow fishboy now that is color!

                      Jean - very abstract - love the colors also.

                      Lisa - very nice and soft - good job.


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                        I'm not sure what I think of this one. Sure isn't the look I wanted to achieve.

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                          Managed to get something more like I was looking for.

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