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HELP - RetouchPRO Needs You!

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  • HELP - RetouchPRO Needs You!

    >> Happy Birthday Photo-Art Forum <<

    On May 31 our little playground will turn One Year Old..

    In less than a year activity in the Photo-Art forum (views, posts) has exceeded ALL other forums at RetouchPRO, a tribute to all who generously take the time to participate by sharing their techniques, handiwork, ideas and suggestions. If activity continues at the current pace, by the time we're two years old we will have taken the lead in the number of threads, too.

    This level of activity comes at a price, however. We chew up disk space at a much higher rate than anyone else. That's not inherently bad," but "It is what it is."

    So what?

    As most of you are aware, this site is supported by member donations -- and it's time to look into your heart, but more importantly into your checking account, for a few bucks.

    Who should contribute? You know who you are.

    But what if I only lurk? You know who you are, too.

    What's the right amount?

    I can't answer that, but ask yourself: Is the "fun" you've had and/or the knowledge gained worth as much as a new Photoshop book? How much money have you saved by "staying in" and participating in the forums in lieu of ball games or evenings out doing dinner, drinks and movies?

    For more info I couldn't say it better than it's said HERE.

    Yeah, I know it says every buck counts (and it does) and no contribution is too small (it isn't), but if you're going to step up to the plate, get real on your contribution. Listen to your heart. Do what's right.

    It can't get much easier than making a secure donation HERE, where you can also find information about making a contribution using PayPal.

    Let's show Doug how much we appreciate this treasure of a resource. Now is not the time to run and hide. Stand up and be counted.



    P.S. If this call for donations comes across as being a little forward and/or rubs you the wrong way, sorry about that. It takes $ to run a site like this. Might as well cut to the chase. Why pussyfoot around?

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    Danny, is there a place we can mail donations? Credit cards are not my friends...


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      Send an e-mail or PM to Doug and ask for his address. He gratefully accepts checks. (That's how I prefer to send my donations to.)



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        I sent fifty bucks in January, I think, but since I upload a lot of pics, I will send Doug another check for summer. Time really flies when you're having fun on retouchpro, eh? So thanks for reminding me, Danny. This is very important and I hope everyone sees this thread. In fact, it might not be a bad idea to repeat the request at regular intervals in posts, just as a reminder to those of us with no memory!



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          Fifty bucks sounds good. And I can afford that much this time. So I just sent via Amazon.

          Originally posted by pstewart
          I sent fifty bucks in January, I think, but since I upload a lot of pics, I will send Doug another check for summer.


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            I contributed money about two months ago and I will send another check to Doug. I think it's important that we all do our parts to help out, even if that's only contributing your comments, critiques, and images.

            Fishboy, I think I know where you are coming from. (I thought I remember seeing on your profile that you are in-between jobs.) I feel like my husband and I might be struggling for a while for the next couple of months until we get our business venture up and running. Just contine to be a part of us. We love having you here!

            Danny or Doug, maybe for those out there that feel that we're putting the squeeze on them or that there we're not getting the best deal from the site's host, could you possibly post what the operating costs are? One, I think it would better help all of us to understand what it really takes to have such a great site. And two, it would be a great educational thing for those of us interested in having our own website. I for one would llove to learn all of the ins-and-outs of having a website and learning from the people that do the same things as I do would be the greatest way to learn!

            Anyone else have an idea?


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              I very happily dropped a $30 check in the mail this morning.

              The way I see it, you get back what you give. I might not be able to afford to donate as much as some others, but I've got a little wiggle room this month. I've learned a lot and had a lot of fun here, so why shouldn't I contribute to its longevity and health? And in the long run, my helping Doug will eventually come back to me in some form. Every action creates a ripple...

              You know, the real irony of this all is that the more popular a site becomes, the more the costs increase to host it. Bandwidth transfers alone for this site must be tremendous. Sometimes it's not about how many images you can store, it's in how many bytes you can transfer in and out.


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                On May 31 our little playground (Photo Art Forum) will turn One Year Old.. -- Danny
                Looks like it's gonna be time for another Birthday Party!

                Thanks to Danny for getting it started, Doug for being far-sighted enough to see it's application to the over-all site, and to numerous members who have shared their photos, their talent, and their passion for digital fun!
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                  A time of celebration

                  Happy Birthday Photo-Art Forum

                  One year old as of 5/31/03.

                  I've crafted a special picture to honor the occasion.

                  Click HERE to be taken to the celebration thread.

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