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Everyone can tell us apart by the eyes!

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  • Everyone can tell us apart by the eyes!

    Going through some older pictures that show fruit and Alcohol do not mix.

    Please look below Fishboys comment. I had a blonde moment trying to attach the picture.

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    OK let me try this again

    This time I will add the picture.

    Also show alcohol and posting new threads do not mix well.

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      Also found out it does not mix well when trying to do the tut that Danny posted on the footbridge either.

      Here is one of two I did trying to follow the tut. I think something went very wrong

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        Here is number two of what can go wrong with a simple tut.

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          Called Sissy she said to run Effie on the second I figured what the heck I have mutilated us already what's a little more!

          Here is the Effie-Twins.

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            SISSY - put the drink down and step away from the mouse !!!!!


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              Good leftovers

              Jean glad you were able to finaly submit that fun picture.

              There Is nothing like a good Bowl of leftover fruit in plastic rap.
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                Bob - Put YOUR drink down and step away from the mouse !!!

                Too funny --


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                  Well mine looks like a NEW pattern for the kitchen paper towles --- I guess that is to clean up after the bowl of fruit !
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                    Here is the image with cut out and effie
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                      Gosh, you guys are really crazy tonight! (I say that fondly!)....Is Jill the one with Orange eyes!
                      Jean - nice effects ....strange, but nice ...Effie and the 'frosted'/halo look
                      Jill - very nice technique on the paper towels ..(how did you do that?)
                      KayakBob ... wow! I was hungry until I saw that! Looks like something on Fear Factor
                      Here's mine .......kind of pop artish
                      Bill C
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                        Fishboy and Bill -- all I can say is ROTFLMAO ---

                        Bill - I added texture Brick - used the drop down and selected Right ---- and the first thing I thought of was --- paper towels! LOL


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                          Fishboy and Bill you guys were on the same wave. Oh gosh I have done nothing but laugh tonight. Best way to pass the time with all the rain! You guys did serious stuff here.

                          Bill I am the one with the oranges and Jill is the one with strawberry.



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                            Yes I was surprised at how the two of you went for that 60's look! LOL


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                              LOL! This is the funniest thread yet! That picture is priceless! The wild art of Bill and Bob and Fishboy...WOW! Jill, nice work with Effie...and where can I buy a roll of those towels? Jean, you do nice work, even when intoxicated. And I sympathize with you on trying to duplicate Danny's technique...good try on the second one though.

                              Mine isn't that creative, but I'm practicing some sort of watercolortypething with the art history brush thanks to Danny's infamous tute...he got me hooked on AH.

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