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    I just got some exciting news today in my email about a watercolor action I made a while ago (here)
    this is the email I got from the guy at MacUser magazine:
    >Hi there
    >Here at MacUser we have a Photoshop Special planned for an upcoming issue, and one of the things we'd like to include on our new cover CD is a batch of quality Actions. MacUser, as you may already know, is the premier Mac title here in the UK, and is aimed directly at top-level creative professionals; the inclusion of your software on one of our cover CDs (for which there is no charge to yourself) is an excellent opportunity for it to gain exposure . Of course, the association with the MacUser brand is also very valuable.
    >I've scoured through all the Adobe Studio Exchange, sifted out all the rubbish, and selected a handful of Actions good enough for inclusion on our CD.
    >I hope you'll be delighted to hear that the above Action has been selected for inclusion in this collection, and we'd like to ask your permission to include it on our CD. Ours being a fortnightly title, we have very unforgiving deadlines, so if you'd like to be considered for inclusion on this CD, please respond as soon as possible.
    >If you have any queries, please feel free to get in touch.
    I think this is pretty neat, and if it actually gets on the CD, that'll look great for my resume!

    - David

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    Way to go David! Congrats!



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      Excellent, David! Congratulations! That's fantastic.



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        David -- WOW! To be selected from many -- what an honor.
        This is impressive news -- congratulations! Well done.


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          I'm so happy for you!


          Glad to hear of your success!


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            Thanks everybody!!

            Originally posted by Fishboy
            Super congrats from fishboy, not a macman, but awsome job anyway!

            lol, the ironic thing about this is that I've never actually used a mac, the only time I've even touched one is when I was in a computer store!

            - David


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