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Rose Bouquet (Yep - another flower!)

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  • Rose Bouquet (Yep - another flower!)

    Rose Bouquet
    Not in the garden, but a bouquet of flowers my daughter received from a 'friend'!
    Bill C
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    Fishboy - very nice! It looks like you are using a thinner laquer - I like what you did on this one (care to share your laquer formula?)
    Of course, I had to 'paint' this one ...
    Bill C
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      Bill - thank you! very nice image to work with.

      fishboy - both submissions are beautiful --- but i think I like the blue the best!

      Bill - very nice frame --- and a very pleasing painting to put it in!

      I went with the history brush thick media - and focused on the rose. Oddly enough I did not use plastic or lacquer but it looks like I did ( go figure?)
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        Jill ... Yes, I like that a lot - great focus on the rose - I like the dramatic lighting. Nice Job.
        Fishboy, - very nice! I wonder what it means to give a girl a blue rose...
        Bill C


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          Bill C, great pic...thanks! I love your rosewood framing job, and the picture is great too. I think I already asked you this once, but don’t recall the thread so can’t check for answers, so I’ll beg ...errrr...ask ...again. Where did you get that great heavy paint texture? How do I get a copy?

          Fishboy, I love your red lacquer and the blue one is surprising (wow!) but a joy to look at. I don’t much care for the thicker lacquer by comparison. Think thin!

          Jill, great job on the single rose vignette...looks very Victorian!

          Mine started out as a painting but had a mind of its own and wanted to be a wallpaper sample, so I didn’t argue.

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            Phyllis - Wallpaper ?!
            Love the way this came out, who knows Martha may give you a call to get her hands on that pattern!


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              Phyllis - I agree with Jill - Very nice and it does remind me of wallpaper pattern. (don't hook up with Martha, however, - go independent!)
              Fishboy .... yes, there is so much lacquer on that one that it is too heavy to hang on the wall! (keep em coming.....I may have to invest in lacquer stock!)
              Regards to all,
              Bill C


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                Bill C. - beautiful as always.
                Fishboy - great renditions, the first one is my favorite
                Jill - love the lighting effects and the vignette
                Phyllis - I'd hang it on my walls, looks wonderful.

                I used a couple of Mike Finns actions (Effie Deluxe and SlapDash5) and played with the blend modes, then added the Wow canvas & Brush Stroke overlay.

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                  Blue roses - did you know blue was my favorite color? Nice.

                  I also really like the wallpaper sample. :-)

                  I tried something a little different with this one. I started with a basic watercolor look, but then wanted the rose to look like it became real and is beginning to rise up off the painting.

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                    Wow the submissions are great.

                    Here is mine. not sure where I was going but I guess nighttime bloom.

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                      Tyeise - beautiful! I like the soft vignette. Nice work
                      Lisa - even though you used 'hard' colors, you maintained the beauty. The brush texture looks familiar - is that from the WOW CD?
                      Jean ... even though you didn't know where you were going, you ended up at a good spot - nice dramatic colors.
                      Bill C


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                        That texture is from the WOW CD, that is a great CD don't ya think?



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                          Re: Rose Bouquet (Yep - another flower!)

                          In a flower mood today must of been all the gardening i have done except it wasnt beauty's like this just good old fashioned weeds

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                            Re: Rose Bouquet (Yep - another flower!)

                            Nice find, and nice pic Palms.
                            I missed this one when I was going through the older posts.

                            My take on it - they've been trying to grow one like this for years.


                            Larger version

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                              Beautiful Bouquet

                              A try at an Acrylic on dark canvas.
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