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  • Mommy's Little Pumpkin

    I know this isn't the most professional photograph. I am defintely not a photographer! But, I had to submit this photo to see what all of you can do with it.

    This was part of my attempt at a "photo shoot" of my son last October in or yard. He's three months old in this pic. I had snapped a roll of B&W and part of a roll of color film (before he had had enough). This is the lst picture I took, and he's actually in the process of falling over and rolling down the hill a couple of times. So needless to say, I moved to catch him and he's off-center a bit.

    The smile was priceless and made the pic!
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    Here's my attempt at Lisa's pencil sketch that didn't work like I wanted, so I revised it with some color, etc.
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      Jennifer -- it's a great expression, and one you'll be overjoyed that you caught throughout your life!

      I'll want to try several, but this one just keeps the photographic style with a bit of tonal correction, and an action created by Bud's Frames.
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        Jennifer--this is a wonderful picture. It's always been my assertion that mommies and daddies take the best pictures of their kids because they can capture the *real* smiles that are too shy around professional photographers that they don't know. Your son is a real cutie, by the way!

        I really like your sketch treatment. It works very well for this photo!

        CJ--that is great! It also really works with the texture of the photo.


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          Amanda -- I think you're right about parents being able to capture the REAL expressions, and it is a great image, isn't it!

          I tried the usual sketch technique, with a bit of burning and leveling.
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            Finally had a chance to get back to this smile...

            I went for a heavy chalk on paper kind of look.
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              Jennifer - what an expressive shot! I think your sketch came out very well! The color is very soft and the way you cropped it works perfect.

              CJ - nice frame and subtle corrections! --- that is ready to be hung on the wall. I have such difficulty with sketches ---- your is very good. The display and drop shadow complete the effect.

              Amanda - Bold colors with the heavy green! It makes the image just jump out at you!

              Have to agree with everyone here -- Mom's and Dad's get some of the best pictures!
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                Jennifer, what a beautiful child! I think the sketch came out great.
                CJ, nice frame, and colors.
                Amanda, I love the way it just pops off the screen at you.
                Jill, what great texture.

                I tried my own sketch instructions to see if it was dumb luck(it might have been) or not. I think when I have you change the mode to hard light I was playing with shutting some of the lower layers to get the right look, but I didn't really pay attention to which layers I was turning on and off. The other thing I did this time was to add an overlay layer of this parchment paper pattern that I have at around 30% opacity. Anyways, here's what I got, I did a b&w and color version.

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                  Thank you, thank you thank you!!!

                  Thank you so much for all the compliments on my beautiful baby boy! I know all mother;s think their babies are adorable, but I just think he is amazingly so!

                  I think the best photos are the ones with a story behind them. I try to tell all of you the story whenever I submit a photo. Would you believe that it's hard to get a picture of Cameron now? Every time he sees a camera he breaks out the big tears. The only thing I can associate with it is the bright flash. Makes it hard for a mommy and grandma to keep up their scrapbooks!

                  CJ, the frame makes it sooo much better! It's amazing how the picture pops with it. I like your sketch too. You did a good job keeping the detail in his eyes.

                  Amanda, the smudging on the card really shows off the movement. If you only could have seen him rolling down the hill!

                  Lisa, you really have that sketch thing down! I don't know which version I like better.

                  Here's another version from me. I love the sketch look, but wanted to add color. Couldn't get it right; too light or to dark. Found a solution with this. Consider it a "Work In Progress."
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                    You don't think falling on a pumpkin and rolling down a hill might have anything to do with camera fear? Just teasing...

                    My son learned *real* quick to ham it up for the camera. It's been horribly difficult since he was about six months old (he's five now) to take a picture where he doesn't have one of those huge, cheesy grins plastered on his face or sticking his tongue out, or putting his fingers in his nose...

                    I like your work in progress. Great application of technique!


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                      Jennifer - work in progress -- my favorite look! nicely done.


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                        Every time he sees a camera he breaks out the big tears. The only thing I can associate with it is the bright flash -- Jennifer
                        The best light for photo portraits can be soft light from a north-facing window bouncing off the subject seated near the window -- NO flash.
                        It can be harder with a little one who moooooves fast! and especially when they're already associating the camera with the too bright light.

                        Perhaps a different camera (one that looks quite a bit different so he won't really know what it is - ask friends/family to let you borrow one for a trial) would let you photograph him a few times so he'll stop crying when he sees a camera.

                        He's so cute -- we want more! But we don't want to make him cry .


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                          Jennifer - great pic - thanks for sharing - nice soft sketch - I like it
                          CJ - framing the poor guy at his age - good job - I like the sketch especially the rounding and shadows.
                          Amanda - great bright look!
                          Jill - makes him look like he is coming out of the straw - nice
                          Lisa - good sketches - I am partial to sketches and here are mine!

                          Ran it thru PI then ran my poor attempt at Lisa Neals' sketch routine
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                            PS sketch

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                              The sketching on this thread is mind blowing. I am still working on the sketch style and am still having trouble. So I really have enjoyed everyones. The frames and boarder are good also.

                              So I went the route of straightning that boy up and trying to pick that pumpkin up for his mom.
                              What a sweet picture to work with.

                              I opened a blank page and cut and pasted and rotated all the pieces back together. Then ran some filters to soften the look.

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