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  • Forgive Me? Flower Macro

    Another Flower Picture!
    It's been so rainy here in the East the past few months that I really haven't taken many pics! (besides, having too much fun in this forum with your pics!)...My wife and I went to a local nursery this week - just after the rain stopped. Here's a macro pic - unfortunately I chopped some off (where is that Thru The Lens Viewing when I need it!)
    Have a nice day everyone!
    Bill C
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    Bill, gorgeous pic! I have those same painted daisies blooming in my garden right now. They never look quite real to me... more like a flower a little kid colored.

    I didn't want to change it too much, so I just used KPT6 equalizer and an overlaid high contrast anisotropic outline to bring out the drops and edges.

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      Bill - yes agreed! I called in "sick" today (as in sick of all the rain!) and worked in my garden. I enjoyed seeing this image! Thanks.

      Phyllis - very nice and your comment --"didn't want to change it too much" --your submission did just that , but brought out the colors, I like when I open an image on my screen and it POPS out at me, and yours did just that.

      I used Bill M's B&W action adjusted curves then applied a basic effie, layed over the original (lowered the opacity). Created new layer and used the history brush to bring the color, then dodge and burn. Did another effie basic - applied layer over original (with changes) brought down the opacity, added very slight texture (sandstone) --- then save for web!
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        Thought I would have another go at this.

        I used a lot of layers, desaturated and history brush, then burn.
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          Phyllis - beautiful! Just the right touch.
          Jill - both are very good, however, I really like the second one ... nice work!
          Regards, (from rainy eastern PA)
          Bill C


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            I'm not sure why, but this version doesn't work right. Suggestions of why?

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              I think it's because the flower is smack dab in the center of the frame. Try dividing the image with (invisible) tic-tac-toe-like lines. Then, move the flower so that it's on one of the intersections and see if you like that look any better.



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                Thanks. I'll play with it when I get a few minutes.



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                  Tyeise - actually I really like the simplicity of yours - I love the bright colors and framing. This would be one that I would take a second look at if I saw it on a wall.
                  Photomauler - wow! I love your last one. About 180 degrees from Tyeise. I like the deep rich colors and texture! It would have been perfect if the original photographer had done a better job framing the picture!
                  Regards to all - thanks for all the variations!
                  Bill C


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                    Originally posted by pstewart
                    overlaid high contrast anisotropic outline to bring out the drops and edges

                    SOunds like something I'm looking for. Can you post some info?


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                      very nice picture and very nice interpretations so far

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                        liquid dimension


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