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  • Chantel

    Fun for all -

    This is a portait of Chantel, my assistant at our studio. She does wonderful work, my wife and I could not resist sharing it with everone here. The first post is the original portrait that I took of her, if anyone wants to play with it I know she would love to see the different interpretations ...

    The second post is Chantel's art work on her photo. We thought it was so different and fun we could not resist sharing it with you. It was done completely in Painter.

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    Chantel's Chantel ...
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      Good looking lady......She is very brave to let us play with her image.

      One of you has a very steady hand, as that smudging around the eyes is not for the faint of heart..... Interesting results.


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        Roger your photograph is beautiful and her rendition of her image is unbelievable. One of the best I have every seen and sets a very high standard for all of us!!!!



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          What a beautiful shot. I agree with Goldcoin, those eyes on the smudge version, thats pretty incredible.

          I thought it would make a good sketch, and then I tried to colorize.

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            Roger - thank you for the image and thank Chantel !

            Have to agree with everyone here on what Chantel did, the eyes say it all.

            Lisa - you have got the sketch down! and adding the color - very good.

            I added color to the lips and eyes, did a cut out then light emboss.
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              Spinnnz beautiful color, beautiful sketch.

              Jill. I like the coloring of only the eyes and the lip. Very nice.

              I just could not think of anything other than what a great job Chantel did on herself. All I could think was "how we see ourself". So I worked on that grain.

              Cropped added Chantel rendition of herself. Burned around the eye.
              Worked opacity on the layers.

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                Alas, another based on an action to be released July 1.
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                  Roger - beautiful, thanks for sharing.
                  Lisa - nice colorization - looks like a lot of work, but worth it!
                  Jill - great look - modern art!
                  Jean - even more 'artsy' - looks like something on the wall of a studio in NY.
                  Danny - bw action - looks hand-drawn.nice
                  Here's mine ... probably doesn't qualify as 'art'...
                  Bill C
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                    Looks arty enough to me, Bill. There are a lot of dimensions to this beast.

                    Did you colorize the eyes and/or lips a bit?


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                      Danny ... thanks. No, just used the history brush to paint back some of the original detail..
                      Bill C


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                        And, a 2nd one ...
                        Bill C
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                          Roger, wonderful pic...thanks so much! Chantel’s version is absolutely wonderful. She should print and enlarge that!

                          Jill, striking! Love the bold contrast and touch of color...perfect choice here.

                          Jean... WOW! In her own eye? Great! This image goes straight into my keeper file for sure!

                          Danny, nice action.. has a watercolor feel.

                          Bill C, dark and moody works here, but I love abstracts so I vote for your bold outline version.. WOW!

                          I'm still packing and time is short, so I'll fall back on old faithful. Hope she likes purple.

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                            Roger, thank Chantel for letting her face be our playground. Not so many people would be so bold!

                            Her version is very daring! If I'm not mistaken, that's more use of the liquify tool rather than smudging, right? Perhaps a mix of both.

                            Lisa--Very good choice for this photo! Excellent color combinations on the colorization. It's had to add color to black. Good work!

                            Jill--Very good! I like the grayscale cutout detail on the face.

                            Jean--Awesome!!! Eye of the beholder thang goin' on there!

                            Danny--Such a tease!!! Like that action.

                            BillC--That's art if ever I saw it. You've got such a wonderful touch with those soft vignettes. I couldn't do one if I had to. Your second version is inspired! How did you do that?

                            Phyllis--Your old standby works every time! Who doesn't like purple?

                            Mine is *my* old standby. Added some color to the photo, then smudged away at this lovely girl.
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                              Lisa, great color sketch, something I've never tried and not sure how to even start.

                              Jill, you stole my first idea LOL...great job also.

                              Jean, awesome imagination, I would have never thought of doing something like that.

                     stole my second idea Mine is similar to yours, speaking of it is.

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