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    I'm sure that y'all are starting to get sick of pictures of my kid. For any of you who are still willing, here's another John Baron pic to render.

    He's not really mad, I just asked him to look mad for the picture. He's such a ham....
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    Good night nurse!! Those are pretty crazy! He said the first two made him look like he was in a fire and the last made him look like a werewolf. You sure made his day!


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      Mommy's Little Thug

      changed my mind...
      Last edited by themanda; 06-10-2003, 08:53 AM.


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        Thanks for the post, Amanda. Here's my version.
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          removed my first submission, so here's this...
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            andrew, great use of cutout!
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              Such a cute kid, even when "mad". What a proud momma you must be!

              Smart blurred and desaturated. Poster edges. Cut out the background obviously. Tried color here and there but ended up with B/W. Oh - and anisotripic diffuse too.

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                excellent!! i really like this one, bk! how could you tell i was a proud mom?

                Here's another version from me...

                (no shameless flirting today?)
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                  Ken -- I agree -- great use of cutout -- I really like your cropping, and your colors.

                  Amanda -- forgive me for this! He's adorably cute, but the expression does bring out the little devil in him... or me!
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                    cj--he's actually looked like that a time or two! very creative version, i like it!


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                      Wow talk about capture a look! I have seen that look many times --- LOL
                      Everyone has done a great job!

                      What eyes!!
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                        I tried that look with my mother - I still have the handprint and deformed cheek!

                        Just a little liquify

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                          Andrew - Wow - that sure intensifies the feeling!

                          Amanda - I wouldn't have thought of using just one side of his face, but it looks great, and I love how the blue of his eye pops out! And the baseball cap on the 2nd version is great. Weren't you the one that posted him with a black eye and all dirty? I thought that was cute! Looked a bit like something you'd expect Norman Rockwell to do. <g>

                          Blackknight, your rendition almost makes him look a little sad as well as angry.

                          CJ - I really like your caption.

                          Here I just wanted to emphasis his anger and stubbornness.
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                            Amanda what a face! Reminds me of what you see a thousand times at an amusment park.
                            This thread has a lot of fun and creative subbmissions from demon child to pop art. I have really enjoyed the images!

                            Here is mine.

                            Took two different pictures off the net and merged all together. Added rough pastel filter and lowered the opacity and erased some areas.

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                              Wow...I take one day off to be sick and look what happens!

                              Jill--This is extreme! I love it, especially with the subtle hints of color on it. Wonderful job.

                              Bubba--He's still laughing about that one! He said you made him look like he was on the Lord of the Rings. He walked around all day yesterday saying "my precious!!!"

                              BK--put those dimples away! I don't even remember where I got that picture...I know I did a drag and drop and didn't save it, that's for sure. It's some random web pic.

                              Tyeise--I like both your versions. The first does a great job of defining his eyes, and the second makes him look totally dug in for the fight! He is one stubborn kid, too. Don't know where he gets that.

                              Jean-- You crack me up, girl. That is so well executed! Your photos merge seamlessly. Great job!!!!!


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