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  • Scenic shot

    Another one from Three Rivers, CA. I've had lots of fun playing with this one and wanted to share and see what others come up with.

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    Cheryl -- thanks for letting us work on your image -- nice shot with different elements to play with -- foliage, water, sky, rocks...

    Just adjusted the color ranges and added a bit of Cutout over an adjusted layer.


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      You may have answered this before, but what filters are you using and what brushes? Is this in PS or another program?

      I think the first one is the nicest, for what it's worth.



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        I just had fun, I used the reflected part and then added the sun and birds - painted/liquified/adjusted until I liked it. It is hard to describe the steps when it is more of a painting thought process. Anyway, I just wanted to see how different I could make it look using the reflection.



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          Here's my addition to this. I love water in nature, it's just beautiful to me, especially small streams or rivers. I don't really remember what I did to this image beacause there were a lot of control alt z's and merge's and going back and forth in the history, but first i played with the color balance a little, then i believe i used the paint daub, palette knife, rough pastel, and cross hatch filters in some order with various blend modes and opacities. Sorry, that's about as specific as I could get. For the edge I thought it'd go with a darker border, so I found a dark reddish brown, and for the edge i did a lasso>feather, then used the displacement filter with one of adobe's textures. Hope you enjoy.
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            Let me be the first to say - That is Cool

            I love the fact that you have the different colors cleanly different and there placement works as part of the composition.


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              Roger--the birds were a nice touch. You had me going back to the original to figure out why I hadn't noticed them The rays of the rising/setting sun give it a nice feeling.

              okplayer--I like the painted effect you gave it. The subdued tones are very attractive. I like the subtle texture in the image--particulary the bushes on the left side.


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                How about a colour pencil & wash style?


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                  Hi Cheryl! I think your picture was gr8 to begin with! Sometimes over-doing it and adding silly filters can ruin a shot.

                  All I did was add some saturation, added a few highlights and played with the levels and VOILA!



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                    Welcome Duchess i agree great shot I dont think i improve a image with silly filters but change it and have fun in the process



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                      I like silly filters.

                      Thanks for the fantastic capture (and your marvelous Impressionist presets, though I didn't use Impressionist this time) Cheryl.

                      High quality version here hosted by ImageShack.


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                        Hard to beat trees, rocks, and water for a placid scene.



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                          Tried to ruin great image in PS SC2 (Combination of sharpening, blur & accented edges).



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                            Great photo and results from everyone, a pleasure to view thank you.

                            This is a mixture of Lucis Art/Impressionist/Paint Alchemy plugins. What a mix


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                              Just some posterization and texture. HSB AJ to shift the colors toward spring greens.