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  • Need help locating thread...

    I while back I remember someone posted a list of elements in an image that the eye is drawn to/away from. Things like light to dark, focus to out-of-focus, saturated to non-saturated, etc. I've been searching for almost half an hour, but I can't find that post. Can anyone point me to it?

    Thanks, Jeanie

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    Maybe this one?
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      That wasn't the one I was thinking of Doug, but it was good to go back and read through that thread. I'm afraid the one I wanted may have hit the bit-bucket when the Photo-Art forum was cleaned up. I'm pretty sure it was either roger_ele or Bill M who posted it - and it would have been in the past 2 (maybe 3) months, but I can't find it by searching through any of their posts. It was an actual list of things that an eye is drawn to and away from in a photo. I remember there being about 8 items on the list, but the only three I can remember are light/dark, focus/out-of-focus, saturated/unsaturated.

      Thanks anyway,

      FYI - It would have only been deleted had the thread been in the self-service mini-challenge forum which was pruned in preparation for the makeover to the new format. - Danny
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        Was it this one ?
        Almost at the bottom of the page ...


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