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  • Rose

    Hi all its been a while since I've posted here, I've been tremendously busy with my job but I haven't stopped doing what I love photography and photoshop . Anyways here is my latest "photo art". Let me know what you think.

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    I like the technique you used (care to explain at all?) you could really see "strokes" in it. Good choice of an edge and border as well

    greg says


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      I, too, would be interested in the technique.

      Is it my imagination or is this flower upside down?

      Welcome back.


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        Oh I LIKE that!!

        I actually looks like a turn of the century painted photo (you know the ones where they had to paint or draw in the lines of clothes and eyes, hair, lips, etc.)

        Very nice!!!


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          Yes it is a topside view, I thought it brought a unique perspective to it. anyways I didnt follow to much of a technique. I just sat down with the brush and started painting away on it. Went through quite a few layers to get the final effect. Adjusting curves colors, blur, dodge, burn, clone. Just a major amount of brushwork went into this one took about 6 hours to complete. I wasnt quite sure what I wanted to end up with but I just kept working at it till I liked what I saw . Anyways thanks for the replies.



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