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Help in Making Sketch Lines(?)

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  • Help in Making Sketch Lines(?)

    I have (hopefully) attached an image that I am working on. Its just an idea a rough work for now. What I have done so far is a basic sketch and art history brush watercolor lightly.

    This is where I get stuck. I would like to add lines like this /// thru the image. How could I do this?

    I have tried graphic pen and it was great in the view window but in the image they calm down to much. I am not sure this is clear but I can see it in my head just have to get it in PS7.

    I do have Painter 8 but have done almost nothing with it maybe there is something there.

    Thank you and again if its not clear I will go back to the board and try again after I think it out more.
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    Hey Bob:

    I'm taking /// to mean diagonal parallel-type lines/strokes.

    There's couple ways to approach this depending on the look you're trying to achieve. Here's a couple to chew on.

    Duplicate the target layer, add some noise (via Noise > Add Noise) and apply the Artistic > Colored Pencil filter. Either keep the image as is -- or change the mode to Luminosity and lower opacity so the Colored Pencil strokes blend with the original layer below.

    Instead of Colored Pencil, try Brush Strokes > Angled Strokes instead.

    Let me know if this is remotely in the ballpark.


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      I didn't try Danny's suggestion, however it sounds like it might work.
      Another method which is quite easy if you're comfortable with photoshop is to make a pattern.
      Turn on the grid and snap to grid features in photoshop, then zoom in and with a thin pencil draw straight lines while holding down the Shift key. Draw lines side by side, and if you're holding down the shift key the pencil will run straight up and down and snap to the grid so you don't have to worry about how to draw a perfectly straight line since you're forced to.
      After you've done that about a dozen times, stop.
      Add a new layer and fill it with 50% grey. Combine these two layers.
      Then make a selection of the straight lines with the rectangle selection tool and then go to Edit>define pattern.
      Then fill a new layer with your pattern, then free transform the layer so it's at the angle you like, then change the blend mode to something like soft light.

      Does this make sense?
      Here's an example.

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        Dear Danny and Mig:
        Thank you both for your help I have tried both solutions now I have to think some more about the results that were achieved:
        1. Mig thanks for expanding my horizon on pattern making it was a struggle never did one before but I am there now.
        2. Danny thanks again for your part I ended up using India Ink that I had gotten as a free download from Flaming Pear. This gave real good diagonal line. I know you suggested pencil but that jumped my brain to India ink.
        Thank you;
        Bob Spencer


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