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Creative Interpretations: Pink Bird

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  • Creative Interpretations: Pink Bird

    This photo is being provided for artistic interpretation by members of RetouchPro.

    I hope you enjoy playing with this photo. Please share your favorite result and a brief description of how you achieved it in this thread. (two max please)
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    This was done using Flaming Pear filters.

    On a duplicate of the background, I ran Mr. Contrast and then blended copies of the result with copies of the original image until happy with the result.

    On another duplicate of the background, I ran Melancholytron and then blended copies of the result with copies of the orginal image until satisfied.

    The I took copies of both end results and copies of the original and blended until satisfied. Then made 2 copies of the latest result. Ran one through Lacquer and blended with the other copy. Added a texture and flattened.

    Create an empty layer on top and fill with white. Create a paint-on mask and painted back part of the image.
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      Still experimenting with the Microsoft Impressionist plugin...

      This is a layer rendered by the Colored Pencil (detailed) setting layer mask blended with a layer rendered by one of the Watercolor variations.

      Very interesting pic to work with CH. Thx for sharing this one.
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        this is my first submission into one of these interpretations. I applied a rough pastel filter, then duped that layer and applied the palette knife filter. I faded the palette knife filter to about 30% and set to linear burn, and i also lowered the opacity of the two altered layers to around 60 each. AFter that i just made the edge w/ a quick lasso and feathered it, then applied the canvas texture to a blank white layer on the bottom.
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          Danny--Very nice. I'm sure glad this filter was "brought back." I've been having fun with it too. You picked a good combination. While the bird looks great, I'm most taken with the texture you got in the rock areas.

          okplayer--Looks good. My compliments on dealing very effectively with the black shadow to the right of the bird. That harsh spot was spoiling the picture for me--I really like how you were able to soften and lighten it.


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            Don--I love the water look you've got in the background--excellent. I looks like the bird is wading in a stream, which is a far more natural setting than the one the photo was taken in. The bird could use a little softer look, but I do like the vibrancy you gave to it's color.


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              Mauler, i really like the results of yours. The flowing water was an excellent touch. If this is you goin loco, bring it because we enjoy it as Cheryl said, I may have toned down the sharpness of the bird, but that doesnt matter, because i wouldnt have gotten it to look that good to begin with.


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                My variation of the sketch technique.
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                  Shari--excellent work. I like the combination of the soft colors and the texture you used.

                  Don, I like the bird better this time, but I think you're going to have a hard time beating the background you had on the first one.


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