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  • Creative Interpretations: Lantern

    here is a lantern I shot at the city of Mechelen. I think this pic has many possibilities for photo-art.



    here is the original
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    I don't know if the thread is at the correct place but if it is Danny please put it in the right forum.

    This is my try

    0 bg
    1 : dupe bg : organic edges-contrast-el white / darken
    2 : copy layer 1
    3 : dupe bg /buzz simpl / lighten 60 %
    4 : dupe bg smart bl/edges only - el white/ normal 40 % transparency
    5 : dupe bg smart bl(other settings)/edges only - el white/ normal 100 %

    flatten and on that layer curves-paint engine and watercolor 14-0-1

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      well, what can I say? I was thinking there was not very much color on the picture but you solved that, didn't you?? Nik filters ? You get very different moods by running them.

      I can't say which of the two I prefer. Because you only changed the last step in the process the only difference is the strokes. When I loaded your pictures I thought the strokes were a tad too bold but when I saw the smaller pics on pbase it looked very good, not too much anymore. You're really developing a style of your own!

      see ya



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        This is all Cheryl's fault. She got me messing around with Virtual Painter (again). Some of its filters have a way of generating a lot of color.


        D. Background copy, Luminosity, hide all layer mask (restore some detail)
        C. Virtual Painter Pastel, Luminosity, 25%
        B. Virtual Painter Colored Pencil, Hard Light, 100%
        A. Virtual Painter Gouache, Normal, 100%

        - - - - - -

        Thanks for getting this one started. A very interesting image to work with. No problem on its location.

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          Hi Danny,

          I know what you mean with virtual painter! I can't seem to get my way with it as I want so....

          But enough filters and plug-ins to play with as it is

          I like the different strokes/textures you made in the different areas of the picture. The color doesn't seem too much to me.
          Did you have to desat or did you use the blending modes and opacity to get rid of extra colors?




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            Gina--nice submission--this one lends itself to a variety of styles--both soft/light and dark/strong. I like the dark contrasty version you put up. I can't put my finger on why I think it's an excellent look for the subject, but it is.

            Don--pbase is down I'm going to have to come back and look at yours later.

            Danny--when I first got VP, I thought it was junk. Then somebody on this forum got me going with it again, so it's not exactly my fault (I just really ran with it when sparked You may find that to be a pattern with me. It's only been about 4 months since I learned how to use more than 1 extra layer). I like your rendition--the soft look suits the image--it brings to mind cozy cottages.

            Here's my try.

            Make 3 duplicate layers from the background. We'll start at the bottom and work our way up. Leave the background layer untouched. Each number represents a layer.

            1. (bottom duplicate) Filter--Brush Strokes--Sprayed Strokes (20, 25, right diagonal); Filter--Brush Strokes--Sprayed Strokes (20, 25, left diagonal); Edit--Fade--65%; Filter--Artistic--Sponge (10, 0, 15)
            2. (middle duplicate) Filter--Artistic--Sponge (10, 0, 15). Set Blending mode to Lighten. (sometimes other blending modes look better--it depends on the image)
            3. (top duplicate) Filter--Stylize--Find Edges. Set to Overlay blending mode at around 30% (note: good values for this layer vary by image--anything from 20-70%)
            4. The image is probably overly washed out. Add a new Levels Adjustment layer and clip the ends to the ends of the histogram.
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              I woulnd't have tried your soft watercolor tute on this rahter hard-edged picture. It suits it very nice though, I like it a lot how you softened the lines.

              Don , yours is great too, it is ok as it it but another slight different interpretation would be to lighten up the wall a bit to get the contrast up a bit(not to much as to lose the tecture).
              The grey forms above the actual lantern are a bit disturbing to me. I know you got these from the leaves too but there they don't bother me.

              thanks for the nice work girls and guys



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                RE: Toning down the colors
                I don't recall exactly how I did that on this one (I deleted the layered version). I ususally use a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer and make targeted adjustments to colors selected from the H/S dropdown Edit menu.

                - - - - -

                After I'd had played with VP for about 30 minutes, I came to the same initial conclusion you did: A lot of 1-hit wonders, but output easy to spot as in, "Oh, you used VP Gouache on that, didn't you?"

                A couple years later after learning about blend modes and layer masks, it's not as easy to see the telltale fingerprints!

                Very nice combination of effects on your interpretation.


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                  Lanterns Galore

                  I haven't posted here an some time. I was browsing and saw the Lantern image and decided to work on it.

                  1. Used clone tool to get rid of follage around lantern's edges.
                  2. Used the extract tool(under filters) to cut out lantern.
                  3. Used selected cut out to create a layer mask.
                  4. Used paint brush with blk & white to clean up mask.
                  5. Deleted unwanted layers leaving a clean cut out lantern.
                  6. Used clone tool to get rid of follage left inside lantern.
                  7. Created a new file, 800x 600 pixels at 72 dpi.
                  8. Drug lantern cut out over to new image.
                  9. Duplicated lantern 7 times using cntl J which puts each
                  lantern on a seperate layer.
                  10. Used transform/scale(shift key) to make each lantern
                  sequentially smaller and behind each other.
                  11. Added curves to each layer and adjusted each lantern to
                  a different color.
                  12. Created a background layer and painted it using the paint
                  bucket and existing styles with emboss.
                  Titled it "Lanterns Galore"
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                    Hi Woody,

                    glad you liked the lantern! I like what you did with it very much!



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                      Thank you Gina. As I said, I've been out of the loop for awhile and just dropped in to look see after receiving an email that someone had added a new version of an old image I had put up. I'm doing web page art design now and loving it!



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                        Waiting for Santa art

                        Waiting with my kids for Santa....but at least I have something to occupy my mind, unlike the kids!

                        1.Added pixels, adjusted hue-saturation
                        2. added a mild carpet texture
                        3. Ran GOUACHE from Virtual Painter at normal speed
                        4. Ran Custom # 2 Rough Leather texture on PSP8, set with very little blur, sharpness or detail, using a white light
                        5. Softened the whole thing.


                        Happy Holidays.



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                          Hi Amy,

                          Very nice version. I like how you made it lighter.
                          Great texture you got in!



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                            Modified image attached.
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                              Hey, Tylerste...

                              I like what you did here. Can you give us a few hints on how you did it, e.g., are you using Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, etc.? What effects did you use?

                              Welcome to the forum. Hope to see more of your creations in the future.