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  • Marigolds

    Well I finally got my new digital camera today!! (a Tosiba PDR-3300 3.2Mp) the first thing I did when I got it home was run outside and took a couple sample shots, and here's the first one off my camera, some Marigolds (I think that's what they are, somebody correct me if I'm wrong..) that are growing in our yard. have fun with it!!

    - David
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    Hi Dave:

    Thanks for posting this one. What an honor to have first cut at your first pic!

    Here's my interpretation....

    Done by stacking three layers rendered by Jasc Virtual Painter below a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer
    * Hue/Sat - Blue Channel only: Hue=-150, Sat=-40, Lightness=-25
    * Top: VP Drawing, Hard Light, 50%; selectively applied with layer mask
    * Middle: VP Watercolor, normal, 50%
    * Bottom: VP Gouache, normal, 100%

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      David--Congrats on the new camera and thanks for sharing.

      Danny--Excellent results with virtual painter. You've used some of the filters I have played with and I can see I've been missing out.

      Don-- I love the background effect you got. I think the effect worked better on the leaves than the blossoms, but it is interesting.

      Since David's tut on actions gave me a shove in the right direction and Danny's taken the time to answer a bunch of questions, I thought I'd try out my virtual painter action. I added an edge effect when I finished.
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        Very unique results, Don. You use filters with which I've yet to experiment. Appreciate the "how to."


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          Danny - great version, it's a striking effect. really like it! it actually gives it a sort of "tropical" look

          Don - Cool effect! I like the second version better than the first, I think the different effects on the background and flowers match each other better than in the first, but that's just my opinion.. thanks for the description, it's always nice to see what a person did to complete an effect.

          Cheryl - looks like a definite success on your Virtual painter action!

          very nice work everyone, thanks for working on my pic..

          - David


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