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Creative interpretations: Motorcycle racing

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  • Creative interpretations: Motorcycle racing

    Let's see how fast you can make this rider go! (Photo by Gavin.)

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    This was done using action art_edges_on_texture from the collection that can be downloaded here:

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    When the action finished, I duplicated the original background, moved it to the top of the layer stack and changed to blend mode to color. A hue/saturation adjustment layer was added to give the colors a bit of a boost and Levels were applied for additional contrast.

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      This is all I did to this image:
      1. Adjusted using levels, hue/sat, and brightness and contrast
      2. Buzzed Image
      3. Blur motion
      4. Cut cyclist out and placed over #3
      5. Did a reflected gradiant
      6. Placed text at bottom
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        I really like your paint strokes out of fantastic machines paint engine they were neat. I have the product but never have gotten any stokes like that. I will now go back and try again using your setting.
        Thank for sharing.
        Ps; Danny is great helping us all by working so hard in collecting and maintaining all the actions available to us. Thanks Danny.


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          I can't believe no one has taken this image and added motion blur to the rider. I didn't do it either.

          I used Leroy and TempD from fantastic machine's paint engine. Topped it with DC Special's Outliner 4. Then used Flaming Pear's Melancholytron to subdue the colors.
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            Whatever fancy filters those are, the result is very beautiful.Great job.


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              svsg--2 can be had for no cost and the third is very reasonable (and only a small part of the look anyway).

              Outliner 4

              Leroy and TempD



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                I did this with my sketch tute
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                  Hi all,

                  though it's obvious Danny wanted to get some motion or movement here, it's not that easy,is it? Only Cheryl with the blurring at left gives it some sense of motion.

                  I tried using motion blur but couldn't get anything I liked.

                  I want to say that the picture inspired lovely offspring though!

                  Danny : I like the smart blur over the vivid colors. Are those colors the result of the action or did you tweak it ?

                  Bob : efffective : the red for this picture; I went that way too!

                  Don : the green background with fm strokes makes me think of an aquarium plant you did like that. Do you have motorcycles in your tank now?

                  Cheryl : I like you render the most: the roughness and subdued colors are just perfect for this pic and the blurring to the left really gives a hint of movement.

                  Steve : lovely sketch!

                  I don't remember what I did because at one point I had three files with about 8 layers open all different. Then I started to shuffle layers between them until I had something to work further with.
                  As I recall : used a glowing edges layer, an embossworks layer, kpt equalizer , smart blur for the edges with usm and aniso.
                  A layer with segmation and aniso.

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                    RE: "Danny : I like the smart blur over the vivid colors. Are those colors the result of the action or did you tweak it?"

                    As I recall the colors came primarily from the action, but I may have further enhanced with an additional Hue/Sat adjustment layer. I didn't keep the layered original so I don't know for sure.

                    - - - - -

                    For the record I had no preconceived notions regarding motion / movement. I just thought it was a cool picture!


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                      Hue/sat, Levels,Blending modes.

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                        I like this image, and wanted to give is some motion.

                        Here's my take, using just Microsoft Impressionist!

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                          Re: Creative interpretations: Motorcycle racing

                          Hmm let me see how do you start a rumour going ? Any bikers out there with photographs to post

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                            Re: Creative interpretations: Motorcycle racing

                            Not more rumours.

                            Did two versions for you, I think I prefer the B&W myself.

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                              Re: Creative interpretations: Motorcycle racing

                              Using Photoshop:
                              1. Duplicated layer;
                              2. Added Motion Blur;
                              3. Erased Bike & Rider from blurred layer;
                              4. Adjusted colors using Color Balance and Curves;
                              5. 50% gray overlay to adjust light and shadow;
                              6. Unsharp mask;
                              7. Added Sandstone texture.
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