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Impressionist Pugin - Anyone Still Have A Copy?

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  • Impressionist Pugin - Anyone Still Have A Copy?

    I haven't been here for a long while, but I see that people are still posting.
    I am retired now and have time on my hands!
    I would dearly like to try this Impressionist Plugin, is there anyone that could send me a copy to my new email?
    Thanks in advance.

    outerzone (at)

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    Hi.. it was available on Trimoon's webpage, but that is no longer there.. BUT.. we have the wayback machine and you an go back in time and grab a copy from 2009.
    go here.... Wayback Machine ( Enter this in the waybackmachine search field.....
    I chose the big blue circle over Feb 6 and clicked on the first snapshot.... it will spin a bit but eventually will load Trimoon's blog page...
    On the right hand side in the download section you will see the impressionist filter link... click that.. the next page looks like an error page, but it isn't just wait a bit
    Click on the impressionist Plugin link and should start downloading a zip file. Have fun time traveling... ;O)


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      Oh... and it won't work in photoshop anymore.. at least that is what it seems. It will however work in Gimp.. get the latest version ( it's a free Photoshop look alike)
      I don't know how someone figured out how to get it to work, but go here Lyle • GIMP Chat and check out post #3. He explains what you need to do.
      If you get this far and need help let me know. It's not really that hard. ;O)


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        Thanks for replying Guys.
        Couldn't get the file from the wayback machine, it just took me to the Go-Daddy Parked notice.
        I will try GIMP but I still need the Impressionist file for that too.


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          I think you mis read what I typed.... You first click on the link to take you to the wayback machine...
          You should see the Logo Wayback Machine to the left of a search field.... in that search field enter.....
          Then you should see a page with a calendar and a timeline at the top... click on 2008 in the time line... the calendar should change.. hover your mouse pointer over February 6.. should be a blue circle over it... 2 date should appear... click on the first one... wait a bit and the blog should appear and you will see a headline.. "Look Kittens" and you will know you are where you want to be. ;O)

          To the right you will see a section labeled Downloads.. there you will see a link Impressionist filter... click that. The wayback machine will chug away.. be patient.. Eventually a page with the link to the Impressionist Plugin will appear.. left click the link and it will start the download.


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            Thank you so much rgalka
            The comprehensive instructions worked for my aging brain.
            I have it now and I am off to play with it.
            You could say that I am "Impressed"


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              Great! ;O)


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