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Creative Interpretations: Spider

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  • Creative Interpretations: Spider

    Here's something a little different from what we usually have.

    Have fun giving him a makeover.
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    I went with my dark paint look for this one. It seemed appropriate to the subject.

    First group

    1. Make a dup of the background and run flaming pear’s Mr. Contrast. I just hit random until I have a nice, contrasty black and white image.
    2. duplicate this layer and put a copy of the original in the middle.
    3. Set the original to Color for blending mode and 50% opacity
    4. set the Mr. Contrast dup (on top) to Hue.
    5. Merge all this to a single layer and name it Mr. C

    Second group

    1. Make a dup of the background and run Flaming Pear’s Melancholytron.
    2. Duplicate this layer and put a copy of the original in the middle.
    3. Set the original to Color Dodge for the blending mode. Opacity 60%
    4. Set the blending mode on the Mel dup (top) to color.
    5. Merge all this to a single layer and call it Mel

    Getting there

    1. Put the Mel layer on top the Mr. C layer and set the blending mode to color
    2. Put another copy of the original on top. Set this to Color blending mode 65% opacity.
    3. Merge all this to a new layer
    4. Make a duplicate of the new layer and run flaming pear’s lacquer. Set the blending mode to darken.
    5. Merge to a single layer.
    6. Add texture
    7. Dodge and burn if desired.
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      Cheryl : though a lot of people perhaps wouldn't agree ; nice pic!

      I tried to shoot a few spiders yesterday but they came out to dark. The treatment you gave the pic : very good.

      I did two version: both use the alchemy plugin in photopaint.

      The first is a mosaic with sharpening and and the original on top with soft light blending. Then flatten and usm again.
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        the second is an alchemy layer (very straggly one) with the original on top in linear light mode to bring back some detail

        flatten and render lighting directional with the blue channel.

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          I can't believe it. I took this photo last night by my garage door. These brown monsters must be a California special.

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            Don--looks like he belongs in a horror flick--the radioactive spider that ate something.

            Gina--I like #2 the best. Alchemy did a nice job for you.

            Catia--Looks like the same critter. I've been watching this one grow for a while now--they get large. I saw him catch a wasp one day and couldn't believe how quickly he'd wrapped it up.


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              Cheryl I like yours and Gina the alchemy one was neat. I have tried to make mine look like someone is looking at the spider at night with a flashlight.
              The process I used was:
              Cut the spider out and place on its own layer.
              Made duplicate of the original image
              Using Buzzpro made a sketch
              Inversed the sketch
              Filled in the picture with the omni light
              Placed the spider back in
              Claenup work.
              Well thanks CherylH
              Bob Spencer
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                Where's Little Miss Muffet?

                I was messing around with a technique I read about the other day in which one duplicates a layer, then stacks BuzzPRO effects Simplifier One and Edges Color. When Buzz finishes, set that layer to Multiply and you get a pretty neat edge-enhanced effect.

                From there I merged visible layers and did some cleanup work with the Stamp tool, cloning to a separate layer. Finally faked in a strand of web to replace the one that looked fake after being Buzzed. The frame is from an action that can be downloaded here:

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