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Photoshop and PhotoPaint - swapping files back and forth

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  • Photoshop and PhotoPaint - swapping files back and forth

    [This thread was spawned from another thread where the discussion ventured into how to move layered files between Corel PhotoPaint and Phothoshop - Danny]

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    Grumble, grumble--I've got photopaint installed and that [PhotoPaint watercolor filter effect] is just too cool for me not to go back and poke around with it.

    I remember when I first switched to photoshop that I was disappointed at some of the effects that were missing in photoshop.

    If anyone knows an easy way to take the image to photopaint and work on it to generate a layer and then take it back to photoshop--please share. I've tried before with no luck.

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    I have Photo-paint 10 and it supports layers and .psd file format. (Can't speak for prior versions.) I have no problem creating and swapping files between Photoshop / Photo-paint and maintaining layer structures.

    This doesn't count Photoshop adjustment layers and their Photo-paint equivalents, but layers and background survive just fine.

    = = = = =

    If you're an eBay shopper, Corel Draw Suite packages (that include Photo-paint) are offered for sale quite often.



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      Danny--I've got 10. How in the heck to I get layers out of it (or do I make the layers in PS, save, and then reopen?).
      Also, is there a way to swap stuff in and out without having to save and then reopen in the other. I've tried copy and paste and couldn't get it to work for me. The best I've been able to do is open a file in corel, do my thing, save, reopen in PS, copy and paste as a new layer. I didn't know I could have layers in photopaint. Help please.


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        Create as many layers as you like in PhotoPaint. Then, do a Save As... and specify Photoshop .psd as the file format.

        When opened in Photoshop, the layers will be just the way you created them in PhotoPaint.

        Try that and see if it works for you.


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          I'm not sure how to create layers in Corel Photopaint. The best I've been able to figure out is to copy the image and then paste duplicates as new objects. Is there a better way?



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            If you haven't seen this tutorial, found it helped alot with watercolors. Thought we had a tut here for layers in PhotoPaint. Will look for it .......let you know if I find it.

            Found this one for you....

            Another thing ...... Photoshop uses the word "layers," PhotoPaint it is "objects."
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              I was perhaps taking for granted you had the Objects (in Phothshop, Layers) palette visible. If so, here's how:

              Window > Dockers > Objects (to show layers [Objects] palette)

              When you open an image in PP, it will have a Background (like PS). Right-click on the Background and choose "Duplicate Selected."

              Now you'll have a layer + the Background, just like PS.

              Under the Objects menu, there's a "Duplicate from Background" choice, but other than the Right-click menu, don't see a "duplicate layer" command. So I guess it's a Right-click thing.

              There's also an icon that can be clicked at the bottom of the Objects Palette to duplicate the Background. (The icon looks like a blue layer hovering over another blue layer.)

              See if this (+ the tut's GC posted) help. Not to worry... we'll get you there!

              - - - -

              GC: Nice job on the tutorial hunt. Thx.


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                Heres some screenshots of how to save in PhotoPaint and move that file over to Photoshop.......

                Opened an image, made a selection, using the overhead tools.
                Created the first object [layer]
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                  Then created another object, to paint on... [see black circle]

                  Now having three objects [layers] .......File > save as
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                    As you can see it saved as a "Rad"....but I changed down below to a Photoshop psd.

                    Opened in Photoshop as you see in the screen shot.

                    was also able to reopen the file back in PhotoPaint..

                    Hope this helps. Cheryl......
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                      Goldcoin and Danny--It worked like a champ. Thanks for taking the time to help me out on this.


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                        thank you guys!

                        Cheryl for starting it and Danny and Goldcoin for explaining!

                        I've got PP8(came with a scanner) and never thought it had layers, never could find a layers docker or something. NowI found out it has! I always exported dupes of the pic as tiffs and pasted them as a new layer.

                        great, great!!



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