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Samantha Sketching in Color

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  • Samantha Sketching in Color

    This is done using a variation of the my Sketching Tutorial.
    Do steps 1 to 18 and these 6 new steps

    1. Using Smart blur (Radius 100 Threshold 100 Medium: High Mode: Normal)

    2. Next I smudge all the hard edges soft (smudge tool set at 20% opacity)

    3. Now make a copy of the background layer if it’s in color and set as the top layer or open a new image and copy & paste on drag over.

    4. Set blending mode at Hard Light giving the image color

    5. If the color is to soft make a new layer and add some more color
    (Play with the blending mode for the look you need

    6. Flatten layers and sign your name

    Sketching in Color

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    I updated the tutorial and added a color variation with 6 new steps

    Updated Tutorial


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      A suggestion, Steve...

      As you make updates to your tutorials, put a date and version number on the front page (somewhere), e.g., ver 2.1, 9/30/03. That would be help keep the editions straight and make it easy to determine if one has the most current version.

      - - - - - - -

      The steps for adding color are a welcome addition. I'm sure many (myself included) appreciate this modification.



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        Thank you for this, Steve...

        Here's my attempt at applying it (with a few tweaks to the basic method - I have a reduced opacity anisotropic diffused layer sandwiched in there somewhere as I think I'd overdone the grain at one point).
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