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Creative interpretations: New York Taxis

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  • Creative interpretations: New York Taxis

    Here's one for ya... Taken a few years back, but it captures the spirit of NYC.

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    That's a New York taxi.


    Sorry, done in PS7. Duped background, motion blurred, and used a layer mask to paint the taxi back in. Hey, you guys knew that anyway....
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      I've never been to New York, but it's certainly a contrast to where I live. I think the tallest building here is 3 stories.

      Just to satisfy myself I could do something without impressionist--I think I'm having withdrawals.

      3 dups of the background.

      1. Lowest layer: lightened the image and ran fresco
      2. middle layer: Ran buzz pure color, faded it somewhat and then ran the buzz simplifier. St to overlay at 75%
      3. Top layer is just a dup of the original in pin light mode--it gave back a little detail.
      4. Topped with a pattern fill layer in soft light for texture.

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        Thanks for coming along with this image just in time. I have just aquired Photoartmaster (PAM) Gold 1.5. This is the first attempt and coinsides with the first lesson. Not great and alot more to learn but I believe that PS and PAM will work together nicely.

        Oh CherylH I really like your fresco its a lot better then the filter out of PS really nice.

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          Catia - That's exactly how fast they go.
          Cheryl - I like the color andthe texture of your version.
          Bob - I love that sketchy - acrylic style you've rendered.

          Danny - great picture.

          Working from bottom to top:
          1. Note paper blend mode- darken.
          2. Note paper blend mode- screen.
          3.Trace contour, desaturated, blend mode- vivid light.
          4.Original's copy set to hard light to bring the colors back. Flattened and adjusted color to my satisfaction.
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            Re: Creative interpretations: New York Taxis

            Great shot Danny, it is just as i imaginge NYC to be !

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              Re: Creative interpretations: New York Taxis

              Mostly just foolin' around with this one.

              Problem is, in New York if it's raining you can never find a taxi.

              Steve C.
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