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Tutorial: Sketch, Trimoon's method (link)

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  • Tutorial: Sketch, Trimoon's method (link)

    I now have a HTML (web page) Variation of the sketching tutorial
    Some had trouble with the PDF file

    Sketching Tutorial Web Page

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    I know you're not kidding, but when I read "Some had trouble with the PDF file," I thought, "Are you KIDDING me?" But I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

    Personally I preferred the .pdf, but that's just me.

    In any event it was nice of you to make this available in a format more folks can use.

    A sincere thanks for sharing it here, regardless of format.



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      Thanks Trimoon!

      This will be useful to me since I'm into painting but I'm not a good at drawing.

      Although I've learned some of the tricks to pdfs I unlike you Danny I much prefer any other format. I like things simple. It took me forever to figure out how to do a simple c/p from a pdf file. Acrobat is useful for people who are going to use it. I think most people have it on their computers only because they have to in order to view pdf files. This is just and opinion coming from a simple mind.



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        Steve--thanks for continuing to share. I always enjoy trying to follow your tutorials. (The directions work, I just don't have the "touch" the way I'd like it to be). The finished results you've shown are great.


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