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Creative interpretations: Flower Market

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  • Creative interpretations: Flower Market

    With Fall and Winter approaching, can we pretend it's Springtime?
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    More experimenting with Virtual Painter. Multiple layers including Watercolor, Collage and Oil Painting using different blend modes.

    Before applying the filters I did a lot of surgery to the deep shadowed areas in the image.
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      Great job with VP Danny--I like the look you achieved.

      This is a color layer and a sketch layer blended together.

      For the color layer I used spatter and paint daubs.

      For the sketch layer, find edges (lightened to get rid of the gray noise), cutout, ansiotropic, and texture-grain-speckle.
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        Nice work Danny and Cheryl.

        Here is an ink and watercolor.

        Created two layers. Did a dry brush and normal smart blur on first. Did a smart blur edges only, invert, poster edges on the second. Played with the opacities a bit and flattened. Used a curves layer to boost brightness.

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          Nice picture, Catia I like your Ink and watercolor. The detail is the part I like the most. Mine is my still playing with PAM.
          Thanks for the opportunity Danny.
          Bob Spencer
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            I like all of these, but especially yours Bob.

            What is PAM? How did you do that?



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              Thank you for the nice compliment. PAM = PhotoArtMaster. I have supplied you a few links to go to. I own the Golod 1.5 and if you have anymore questions please contact me.
              Thanks again.

              This is a review of the product.

              This is the site of the person who created PAM

              Ed Gilmore over at DPREVIEW.COM does nice work here is an example:

              This person does nice work and thelink will take ou to a tutorial and write up
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                Bob, that looks really good. I like the way that it looks like a painting but still retains detail and sharpness. Too often mine turn out looking like photos on acid instead of art!



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                  Bob, thanks for the information. I've actually looked into Photo ArtMaster, just didn't recognize the initialism.

                  Here's my take on it:
                  * Eliminated distracting objects (cars, people)
                  * Recolored gray street & building to with a pink shade
                  * Virtual Painter pastel
                  * Median Filter (I hate the little bright spots from VP Pastel)
                  * Color adjust (lots of it!)
                  * Resize

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                    Don't know how I missed yours, but that's a wonderful creation. I was so inspired by it, I dusted of BuzzPRO to see if I could come close. The edging treatment really sets it off.

                    - - - - -


                    I was inspired by yours too, by the creative use of Virtual Painter. I'd a never guessed VP had its fingerprints on this one.

                    You're probably aware (but in case not) PAM and Buzz are first cousins (PAM=standalone application; works on .jpgs only. Buzz=plugin).

                    - - - - -

                    So this 2nd version of mine is a combo of Buzz and VP
                    * Top layer: Hue/Saturation adjustment layer
                    * VP Collage filter, layer masked for selective application
                    * Smart Blur/Edge Only + Gaussian Blur .5 (Darken), layer masked for selective application
                    * Buzz Simplifier 1 -- blatently trying to more or less recreate Bob's results.

                    - - - - -

                    Nice work, both of you.
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                      Danny, You did a pretty good job of re-creating Bob's work. I like it, too!!

                      Yes, I am aware of the lineage of Buzz & PAM. One of these days I'll order one or the other.



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                        flower mart

                        This one really is a hack job, but the results in full size are really rather beautiful.

                        Paint Engine Poster7,
                        VP impasto, everything on subtle except the focus.

                        I'm giving you the entire thing first. It really suffers from the image limiting, so I'm putting a sample from the full size image in the next post.

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                          here's the detail shot

                          Detail of previous image

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                            This was a very suitable image for this effect, as a matter of fact Virtual Painter's Impasto is one of my favorites. Most of the time I prefer to disguise the pronounced stroke marks a bit to get a different look.

                            One way to do that is to use the Smudge tool to smear them.

                            Another (example attached) is to duplicate the layer rendered by VP and "rough it up" a bit. On the duplicate I applied the Distort > Ocean Ripple (2,5) followed by Brush Strokes > Spatter (8,3), toned down using Edit > Fade Spatter.

                            Then, Layer > Add Layer Mask > Hide All.

                            After setting the foreground color to white and choosing a soft-edged brush, opacity ~60%, flow ~ 40%, I airbrushed on the layer to which the layer mask was just applied which gradually revealed the texture and suppressed the distinctive stroke marks.

                            So why disguise the Impasto strokes? It's just another way of getting a different effect.

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                              here's my interpretation using the ahb

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