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Creative interpretations: Tracks 1

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  • Creative interpretations: Tracks 1

    An interesting shot with some interesting options. Hopefully you'll keep on the right track.

    Whooo....whooo! (Photo by Matti Mouvinen.

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    Interesting photo. This one will be worth coming back to to see if I can make more of the lines.

    This is one of my favorite actions that I've made for myself, but I tend to forget I've got it. It starts with these layers.
    1. Fantastic machine's leroy
    2. Fantastic machine's tempD
    3. DC Special's outliner 4
    after blending these, merge to a new layer and run Flaming Pear's melancholytron.

    Top this with a find edges layer and then adjust hue and saturation.
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      Cheryl -- nice outline effect!

      Here's my take on it:
      * Simplified using Alien-Skin Image Dr JPG Cleaner w/ Blur Edges
      * Recolored/Softened using Auto-F/X Dreamy Photo
      * Watercolor Filter
      * Lightened using histogram


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        I especially like your rendition. Your manips are a breath of fresh air.

        - - - - - - -


        Well done yet again. I like the color scheme a lot.

        - - - - - - -
        Started out thinking I wanted to do a straight color to BW conversion, then got carried away.

        Here's the general approach I took by layer (top to bottom)

        * Color Fill (color)
        * Original image (luminosity): Restore some detail via Hide All layer mask
        * Background copy to which Posterize (Levels=3) + Cutout applied

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          Tried this one over a cup of coffee. I duped the layer and set the blend mode to difference and then added a nightvision filter I forgot I had but thought it would work. The final touch was a little brush work.
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            Danny, thanks for the kind comments.
            I like your rendering. The posterization really forces the tonal contrast.

            Jeff L, your image is my favorite so far!
            I am going to have to go and experiment with VDL Night-Vision some more.

            By the way, what about this image has attracted the 3 of us to the cool spectrum? Isolation, Lonliness, Waiting?

            I think for me, it was Isolation. What about you two?

            However, I still like Cheryl's "Earthy" toned rendition.



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              jch--very nice--I like it. It puts me a little in mind of the way things look on a rainy night.

              Jeff and Danny--purple? is it something in the air? I think I'll echo the question of what sent all three of you in that direction--it's statistically significant

              The outline effect comes mostly from DC Special's outliner 4 (freebie). I haven't made much use of most of the filters at this site, but the outliner 4 is a nice one--worth adding.

              But I think paint engine (another freebie) played a big part in the look too--it's what gave the smudged effect to the lines.


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                Thank you Jeff! I rarely use that filter but as soon as I looked at that photo I thought it was a great candidate for it!

                It was sorta cold and rainy this morning and blue seemed to be an automatic choice for me. That and it seemed to work better when I inverted the image.

                Shortly after I posted that I ventured out and went to the Covered Bridge Festival in Indiana. Quite a rainy and windy road trip but I'm thinkin I may have a few keepers. At least I hope so...


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                  Hi guys and girls,

                  really "cool" stuff here

                  I like them all so far. I didn't think the first time I looked at the image it was so promising.

                  Because I saw your renders I decided to try it anyway and guess what : blue too.
                  I got my old biro out and started scribbling

                  impressionist pencil gina
                  multiply and with layer mask accentuate shadows

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                    Gina, that's a really great sketch! Impressionist is wonderful, huh?


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                      thanks jch, it sure is and I've only scratched the surface from that plug-in.
                      I really have Cheryl to thank for bringing and keeping it under our attention!



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                        Tracks I thought lent itself to a abstract so this is my try. I got the idea from a tutorial at:

                        The only real changes are the image was changed to black and white and I used a gradient. I call it "Sunset over the Tracks".

                        By the way if anyone know how to make a reflected gradient using your own foreground and background colors or know of a tutorial I would greatly appreciate any help. If you need more clarification of what I said please email me.

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                          I call this "I wonder what would happen if..."

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                            That's very creative. Reminds me of a snap of some of the footage from 2001, A Space Odyssey. Appreciate the link to the tutorial.


                            A+ in the "stretching the boundaries" dept, too. Glad to see two interpretations that really bend the norm.



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                              Nice job, really different I like it. Margaret, I know how the center is made (I Hope) with the elliptical marquee tool, but how do you do an "X". Thank for a tip if you don't mind.


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