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Creative interpretations: Autumn Leaves

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  • Creative interpretations: Autumn Leaves

    It's getting to be that time of year again...
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    Great picture, Danny.

    I decided to take a more photographic approach with this one.

    * Recolored using color-mixer layer to darken sky and lighten tree
    * Used a selection to turn foilage of tree more autumn colored
    * Performed Sumi-e on sky to give it that stormy feel

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      I have been learning about the filter>distort>spherize command today. So I decided to put a scene within a scene. I am not sure which world is real or maybe both are especially in photography. Anyway this is my contribution.
      Bob Spencer
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        I'd say you're learning your lessons, well. Very creative.

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        FINALLY! A use for Sumi-e that I actually like! (That filter ususally does more harm than good IMO.) Nice integration of the effect with the pic.

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        This was created using a method based on steps described in the October/November NAPP supplement describing how to use the new Filter Gallery feature in Photoshop CS.

        I've created an action that can be found here.

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          Danny, nice oil effect. One of these days I'll have to get PS so I can use actions. By the way, to actions work with Elements? (I am using PSP7).

          As for Sumi-e, I like the effect if the lines work with the composition; it creates a cool contrast. In this case, the lines help to direct the viewer's eyes toward the mountain, which directs the eye toward the tree. It works!



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            This is a beautiful shot! Lots of fun to play with.

            jch--The way you darkened the sky really brought out the richness of the foreground colors.

            Bob--totally cool effect! I like it.

            Danny--it does look painted. Is the texture part of the action or do you choose your own?
            [If by texture you mean the pseudo-canvas, that's an optional layer applied by the action using the Texturizer filter with canvas option. - Danny]

            I call this mixed bag. It's primarily a color layer topped by a sketch layer. With a hue/saturation layer on top for minor adjustment at the end.

            For the color layer, I started with the impressionist plug-in and my crackled paint preset. The I used fantastic machine's bad brush and faded 65%

            For the sketch layer, I started with buzz's simplifier and edges mono. Then impressionist crackled paint followed by fantastic machine's borg. Both were faded 65% as I went along. Impressionist puts a little color into the sketch layer so I desaturated and adjusted the brightness and contrast slightly. I used overlay for the blending mode.
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              This photo is so lovely as is! I decided to go for a more brightened shot by removing some color cast and adding detail especially on the tree. It's hard to see unless you compare the 2 photos.

              I just love the colors in this pic!



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                Blu--what an excellent reminder that sometimes all an image needs is a little touch-up on the colors and that trying to "artify" it can't improve on the original. The little extra oomph you gave the colors is just the right touch.


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