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Creative interpretations: Sailboats at the Dock

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  • Creative interpretations: Sailboats at the Dock

    "Sailing, sailing..."

    Probably fun Down Under, but since winter is approaching in the U.S., maybe next year!
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    I liked how this one turned out....

    Layer stack (top to bottom)

    E. Hue/Saturation adjustment layer - boost color saturation a bit

    D. MSFT Impressionist [custom setting **], Darken, selectively applied using a layer mask.

    C. MSFT Impressionist [custom setting **], Overlay, selectively applied using a layer mask.

    B. The watercolor layer rendered by Mike Finn's Insta-sketch [beta] action, selectively applied using a layer mask.

    A. Modified version of the original image with a lot of the shadows and a few poles removed; also zapped the no parking sign.

    (off) Background [Original image]

    ** A modification of the Pencil Sketch: Detailed Mono setting (number of brush sizes = 1, width = 2)

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      Never one to leave well enough along I applied the "oil painting" action that can be found here...

      on the image from the previous post.

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        Danny--that's an interesting mix and the results are great. That mix of roughness in the colors and edges while retaining enough detail to keep it from being too vague is always my favorite look. 2 thumbs up.


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          This was done with several impressionist layers (tinfoil, thick paint, and fossil) blended together and topped with a find edges layer. (ink and thin watercolor non-textured)
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            In PSP8, removed the sign and the reflection in the water. Ran edge preserving smooth and brush strokes. In PS7 added a texture layer, resized, and saved for web.

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              nice image Danny.

              Nice renders too. I like them both both I'm drawn more to the second-oil painting one.

              Cheryl : quite a nice combo there again!

              Catia : nice brushstrokes.

              I cropped and cloned the right part of the boat away.
              Ran the insta-sketch and stopped at a point where I liked the effect.
              Put an original on top in hard light for color

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                Nice work with the last oil paint.....I really do want to find the time and start playing here look like you're having fun and the results are very nice.


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                  Let's Go Sailing

                  PaintShopPro 8.1

                  Edge Preserving Smooth 15
                  Filter-Impressionist:Lino Chatter (Modified)Applied Twice
                  BG=Image/Brush Size=25/Coverage=98/Press=100
                  Edge Preserving Smooth 15

                  Filter - Aim/USM
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                    First of all, Danny, yours is truly inspiring, as usual.

                    OK. Duped BG.
                    Ran Imp: Pencil Sketch: Detailed Monochrome the 3 loaded (new) alpha channels and their inverted selections.
                    Duped BG.
                    left new BG copy under the first BG copy. Set top layer to Luminosity and Stamped Visible.
                    Set the stamped layer aside (hidden) and changed the Imp. layer back to Normal.
                    Moved the newest BG copy above the Imp layer.
                    Ran same on the first (new) loaded alpha channel and its inverted selection.
                    Set layer to Darken.
                    Ran Imp: Pencil Sketch: Detailed Colored to the first (new) loaded alpha channel and its inverted selection.
                    Set layer to Soft Light.
                    Unhid stamped layer and set blending to Lighten and Opacity to 35%.
                    That's it.
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                      Orig image - applied smart blur, ocean ripple, buzz simp 1. Layer mask bevel and emboss.
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                        Lovely picture

                        Corel Painter with a mouse, then added texture in photoshop.
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                          Great results Elle and Judy! Great to see you're still hanging in there Elle with Painter. I just bought the Painter 8 Wow Book and cannot wait to get started on some "painting" soon.


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                            Totaly Photoshop

                            Basics I followed
                            Artistic>Underpainting>lord Tex. (Trimoon's TMO_000A.psd)
                            Lighting Effects > Texture - Blue, White is high
                            Patturn Adjutman at the end > wet_texture.psd
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                              With such inspiring productions I just had to have a go at this picture.
                              My interpretation involved :

                              Removing traffic sign ( and its reflection )
                              Duplicate Layer
                              BuzzPro 1 - simplification
                              Buzzpro - mono Edges on duplicated layer - increase contrast - overlay mode
                              Virtual painter - watercolour - on Duplicate layer - 50% opacity
                              Texturised layer at about 40% opacity

                              Enjoyed the attempt so much I shall try more of these interpretations
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