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Creative interpretations: P-47 Vintage Airplane

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  • Creative interpretations: P-47 Vintage Airplane

    Photo by Steve Rogers.

    Rev 'em up!
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    Another multiple layer sandwich. Layers Palette from top to bottom.

    G. Hue/Saturation (Saturation, -100): Zap all color from layers below

    F. Brightness/Contrast (-8,-19): Apply a little grayness to background area via mask

    E. Copy of original image, desaturated with Sprayed Strokes applied. Used to restore a little detail using Layer Mask.

    D. Virtual Painter Gouache (Darken), selectively applied using Layer Mask

    C. Virtual Painter collage (black strokes only**) + VP drawing (black only** ) merged with Insta Sketch Pencil layer to which Levels were applied. Set blend to Darken so only the black strokes would be visible.

    ** the action that does extracts the black strokes only from Collage and Drawing can be downloaded here:

    B. Impressionist: Pencil – Soft Opaque applied to desaturated copy of the original. Selectively applied using layer mask.

    A. Virtual Painter Colored Pencil applied to desaturated copy of the original. Opacity = 90%

    Background (off)

    - - - - -


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      Danny, this is great! I was trying to figure out what to do with that picture, and couldn't come up with anything I was happy with -- then you post this. I'll have to do some more thinking now....



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        Thanks for the kind words, Jeff. Glad you're inspired. Now hop to it!

        In this version I applied action "ART-Sketch Chrome LindaV-djr" from action set "DannyR DPR ver 07" that's included in the collection available here:

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          The "ART-Sketch Chrome LindaV-djr" is really very good I like it very much.


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            Danny - your second b&w attempt here is outstanding. As you know, I like to take a bash at aircraft pictures like this - that is a great technique.


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              Yup will have to agree the B&W on this is perfect! Lokks great!


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                Went for the war look...

                FP Wreckage
                DC Outliner
                Edge Preserving Smooth

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                  Danny ,

                  WOW double WOW!
                  I like them both VERY much.

                  I was inspired by your first one because I tried to recreate your image and saw the collage and drawing layers gave good colors too.
                  So instead of keeping the black lines I kept the colors

                  bottom layer is bg : Normal
                  2 : drawing or collage can't remember, minus black lines / normal
                  3 : collage or drawing minus lines / hard light
                  4 buzz sketch 1 / threshold/ aniso/ Usm/ delete disturbing black points. Eliminate white./ hard light or darken

                  Jeff : your wreckage is really inspired too.

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                    Lot's of neat posts here, but there's one I can't figure out.

                    What is FP wreckage?



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                      Wreckage Plugin from Flaming Pear. It's a freebie that I got from "Computer Arts" magazine.


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