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Creative interpretations: Hot Air Balloons

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  • Creative interpretations: Hot Air Balloons

    Photo by N.Merowna.

    "Up, up and away...In my beautiful balloon."

    (I might be dating myself with that introduction.)
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    Here it is. I wish I could remember all of the steps, but I don't. Basically, it's VP Colored Pencil, and then a bunch of stuff to make it look unlike VP.

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      Nice painted effect, Jeff. I like your strokes.

      I decided the balloons would look nice over the sea so I combined 2 photos.


      I first duplicated my original..I put this here as it's a step I tend to forget and end up having to go backwards.
      Resized sea photo to match balloon photo.
      Shift/Click on Ballon bkg in layer pallet and drag to the sea. It should center but if it doesn't use the move tool to fix it.
      Flip canvas horizontal as I did or leave it as it is.
      Add layer mask/reveal all
      Add gradient (gray/black) dragging tool from bottom left to top right.
      Brighten/Contrast to desired effect.
      Flatten image
      Unsharp mask settings: 187, 85, 83, again this is according to the look you want.

      I hope these directions are understandable for other beginners like myself. If not please ask and I will be happy to help. I didn't create this easily but was learning as I progressed.

      I realize this is not a realistic look but I like the mixture.