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Creative interpretations: Farm Life

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  • Creative interpretations: Farm Life

    I sure like how photographer David Azabale framed this picture.
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    I agree Danny . . . excellent choice on your part. It seems this photograph has all the components necessary to make it really interesting.

    I used paint engine and adapt.eq to come up with some textures and later simplified it using a low setting. To bring out the colors I used Nik sunshine, skylight, polarization and contrast. To lessen the sharp edges of the simplification I used a small amount of classical blur.
    Numerous layers were used to paint in portions to keep detail, but not too much. Selected a few areas to desaturate overly saturated colors with a feather of about 2.
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      Virtual painter sandwich


      Nicely done. The resulting textures definitely add character to the final image.

      - - - - - -

      This is a result of experimenting with the Jasc Virtual Painter plugin I have an action that renders a layer for each of VPs 12 filters, plus extra layers for the “black strokes” (only) extracted from the Collage and Drawing layers. The output of the action makes it easy for me to choose among the options created by VP. (Send me e-mail if you’d like a copy of this action.)

      Here’s the final layer stack combination (top-to-bottom)

      E. Hue/Saturation adjustment layer (increased saturation a bit)
      D. Collage (black lines only)
      C. Oil Painting (used layer mask to reveal sky only)
      B. Colored Pencil + Unsharp Mask + Spatter (used layer mask to selectively apply effect), Luminosity, 32%
      A. Gouache
      Background (off)

      Although the characteristics of layer D would probably give this one away as rendered by Virtual Painter to experienced VP users, I liked the overall results anyway.

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        LQQKER--Wow--what an improvement on the original. You've done several excellent things to the photo, but I'm most impressed with how you brought out the detail in the shadowed areas. Pat yourself on the back for this one.

        Danny--Yep, you're right--I can spot the VP touch in it. You mentioned something interesting in your directions and I have a hunch it's what I've been looking for. Can you elaborate on the "black only" in collage layer? Do I understand that there's a way to get just the black lines and have the rest of the image be clear?


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          RE: "Can you elaborate on the "black only" in collage layer? Do I understand that there's a way to get just the black lines and have the rest of the image be clear?"

          In a nutshell after the Collage or Drawing filter plays, Select > Color Range, click on a black stroke anywhere, OK, (marching ants appear on screen around black strokes), Select > Inverse (to select everything except black strokes), Edit > Cut. All's left is black strokes.

          Afterwards I run Diffuse > Anisotropic, then Unsharp Mask to smoothe the edges a bit and give them a little character.

          The attached action may be worth 1K (or more) words. Check the "black strokes only" layers.

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            Another great subject!

            LQQKER -- I like the effect. Great job of bringing out the detail.

            Danny -- Very interesting! It's a good contrast of the VP effects.

            Here's mine:
            Adjusted using curves
            Duped layers (save top for later)
            Blur edges & edge preserving smooth
            Dupe layer, tachyon, blend mode = overlay
            Merge bottom 2 layers, Paint engine (brush strokes)
            (TOP LAYER): Edge preserving smooth, trace contour, grayscale, blend mode = multiply
            Flatten, median filter on sky, resize

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              Jeff--that's a nice look. It's well suited to the image and reminds me of oil pastels.

              Danny--thanks--that's a great tip!

              This one has a touch of buzz and virtual painter oil. It's mostly a filter called Lucis Art. I think I first saw this filter mentioned by trimoon. I've seen some nice samples of this filter, but haven't quite found the right mix yet. I was fairly pleased with this one.
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                Looking at everyone's expressions I wanted to do something different so I have tried for Impressionist. I didn't use any actions as I'm trying to learn to use Photoshop easy feat.
                Of course, I flattened the image before writing this so I forget the order of my actions.

                I used the color balance and selective color tools to bring out more of the white detail. It took a bit of trial and error to get what I wanted.

                I added a mask and filled it with a style texture that gave it that warm look.

                Used the smudge tool at a small setting to create what I hope is a impressionist painted look. I tried to follow the way I thought the lines should go. It does mean going over the whole picture.

                There was a layer in here somewhere but hell if I know where. I believe it was done at first. I promise to try and keep better track of what I do in the future.



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                  Forgot to say how much I enjoy seeing everyone's creativity.
                  Danny I especially liked your expressionism. The wild colors remind me a bit of Kandinsky.

                  Great work everyone!



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