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Creative Interpretations: Boats Aground

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  • Creative Interpretations: Boats Aground

    Photo by C. Beauche. Kind of a different approach to photographing boats, I thought.

    Ship ahoy!

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    My interpretation:

    Based on the technique Jeff described here:
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      Danny--that's an interesting effect. I'm not so sure about the sky, but it looks great on the rest of the image.

      Working on a new mix. Make 2 dups of the background.

      On the bottom layer.

      Create this stack in buzz
      simplifier 1--100
      brightness and contrast around 20 each
      simplifier 2--remove 50

      on the same layer, impressionist detailed rough texture (custom setting) followed by fantastic machine's paint engine--curved brush. Fade curved brush to 65%

      On the upper layer, in buzz, load the sketch 1 stack. Reduce the remove to around 100 and set the brightness and contrast sliders to around 20. I usually also do image--adjustments--brightness and contrast around 20 each after buzz runs. Set the blending mode to overlay and reduce opacity slightly. Optional--run distort--glass around 1 and 4
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        Cheryl H:
        That is really great it looks wonderful so pleasant and relaxing.
        Great job.


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          Danny, glad you could use my tip.

          Cheryl, I like your use of Buzz in combination with Impr.
          I was debating on whether to post this or not, and now I can't even remember what I did

          Oh well....

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            Boats Aground

            I took the image and ran it through Picture Man's Hand Drawing, Then did another copy of the original and did a Buzz simplifier #2.

            Then I used PSP8's image-arithmetic, and averaged the two images for this result. I like it.

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              Danny, for some reason, I get an error on yours.

              Invalid Attachment specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the webmaster

              Nice work everyone.

              I cropped and used the blur tool to blur the foreground and background. Cranked up the brightness about +50 and contrast -10. Applied cutout (8,3,3) and Smart Blur (2,20,low,normal). Adjusted hue and saturation to taste and added a canvas texture.
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                I'm still experimenting with custom Impressionist styles, based on the Pencil Sketch: Detailed Monochrome style.

                Several layers were generated using different settings, and blended using layer masks and layer blend modes.
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                  This is the same piccy I worked on in the thread for Imp. user sets, I posted a cropped images there (cos I stuffed the big one by saviing over it LOL!).



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                    Danny, I really like what you did. I was going for a similar look, but it kept coming out muddy, like a poorly exposed neg. Here's what i ended up doing.
                    Dropped a new layer filled with white and dialed down to 20%
                    Hit diffuse (anistropic)
                    Hit accent edges
                    Hit Diffuse (normal)
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                      My attempt. It's linked to another thread where I've posted the set file to do it with.


                      Sorry - I linked the picture, but not the set file.

                      Main forum here
                      set file near bottom.
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                        Thank you for a nice sea side scene to work on.
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                          Duplicated the background. Darkened with 3 x Multiply. Applied 3 levels of Stylize: Diffuse: Anisotropic
                          Brush Strokes: Angled Strokes: 18/39/3
                          Render: Lighting Effects: Omni -25

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                            Yet another great find from the past, This bares quite a lot similarity to a print i bought last year that i had to have a go

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                              Another watercolor on this outstanding photo. Everything done in PaintEngine.
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