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Creative interpretations: Kitten

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  • Creative interpretations: Kitten

    You'll love the eyes. This one is a cutie.

    Photo by Ivan Kang.

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    You're right--the eyes are great.

    I'm playing with a new mix. 2 layers.

    On the bottom layer.

    Create this stack in buzz
    simplifier 1--100
    brightness and contrast around 20 each
    simplifier 2--remove 50

    on the same layer, impressionist detailed rough texture (custom setting) followed by fantastic machine's paint engine--curved brush. Fade curved brush to 65%

    On the upper layer, in buzz, load the sketch 1 stack. Reduce the remove to around 100 and set the brightness and contrast sliders to around 20. If needed adjust the brightness and contrast of the result (usually around 20 each more). I usually set the blending mode to overlay and reduce opacity slightly, but this time I duped the sketch layer, set the bottom copy to color burn and set the upper copy to overlay and reduced opacity quite a bit.
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      Very nice rendition Cheryl. I really like the texture and the abstract look you achieved.

      I started by adding 15 pixels to the top and bottom, then re-cropped the image, removing a small amount to the right.
      Changed the background slighty making it more even.
      Ran adapt.eq followed by paint engine. I painted in the area where I thought necessary. Ran Nik filters (monday, classical blur, contrast and skylight). Using masks, some of these were repeated.
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        Marvelous results. I like the new Buzz/Impressionist combo you've come up with on kitty and the boats.


        Again you grace the forum with another of your creative interpretations.


        After cleaning up the background, I applied a customized (by me) version of Mike Finn's Insta-sketch (beta) action. I moved the "Watercolor" layer to the top of the layer stack and lowered the opacity to about 50% to reveal detail from the layers below. After flattening the image I did a little cleanup with the clone tool.

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          Cheryl, I have to agree with Danny that I like your new combo both here and on the boats.

          Lqqker, Interesting. Reminds me of a high-grain B/W print, but not quite...

          Danny, very gentle treatment of the kitty. Nice!

          Mine is a radical departure from these. I started by duplicating the layers twice, and running PhotoEffex Background blur on the bottom. 2nd layer was Tachyon (mode=difference), and 3rd was Invert (mode=difference). Created a 4th layer that was just a merge of layers 2 & 3, and set the mode to Saturation. Finally turned off the 3rd (Inverted) layer.

          It's a strange effect, for sure, but I kinda like it!

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            What is "adapt.eq"? I like your rendition very much I really like the details it makes you almost reach out to touch the kitten.


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              Great picture to work with. Very responsive.

              Part 1. Copy background. Poster Edges. Set to Linear Dodge. Increase Saturation with adjustment layer. Copy merged to new layer. Paint Engine.

              Part 2. Copy background. Poster Edges. Set to Vivid Light. Copy merged to new layer. Paint Engine.

              Then, mix results of both parts using layer mask. Crop.
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                I'll respond for LQQKER. Adaptive EQ is a *Free* plugin available from Reindeer Graphics ( It basically finds all of the detail in a picture.

                Andrew, great job!



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                  Re: Creative interpretations: Kitten

                  There's only one thing to say really.

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                    Re: Creative interpretations: Kitten

                    To cute to not try. First I sharpened the heck out of the piece before running GREYC on it. I then did some selective GIMPressionist with Fury preset on the nose and parts of the rug. I then did some Flaming Pear's Mr. Contrast on it selectively. Some color painting (to paint over some of the color artifacts) for touchup work.
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