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Creative interpretations: Football Players make Football Plays

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  • Creative interpretations: Football Players make Football Plays

    We haven't done a football pic in quite a while. Can't post NFL pics (NFL frowns on that sort of thing), but college games are okay.

    Photo by Dirk.
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    It goes without explaination....

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      Very cool, Jeff. My compliments. One of the better interpretations I've seen lately, right up with Bob's "strawberry head."

      When you get a few minutes if could you summarize how you did that, I'm sure many would be interested.



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        This is a combination of Find Edges on top of one of the many Microsoft Impressionist Plugin effects.

        Layer Stack top to bottom"
        F. Hue/Saturation (increase saturation a bit)
        E. Levels (lighten image overall)
        D. Levels (grouped with Find Edges layer below) - to get rid of some midtone noise
        C. Find Edges (Darken) + layer mask to zap more noise
        B. Impressionist: Charcoal - Default (using image as background)
        A. (off) Background

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          Danny, great job! It catches the dynamic action very well.

          As for mine, here are the steps.....

          1) Went to Google & searched for "blimp" under the images tab. Found an old Navy blimp picture.
          2) Added a picture of sky on a layer below the blimp
          3) Using a mask layer, I completly masked hanger that the blimp was located in, and changed opacity on the windows of the cockpit to 50% (to let the sky show through)
          4) brought in football picture on new layer, blend mode=hard light
          5) reduce opacity of football player layer to ~65%
          6) floated football picture selection
          7) Used deform tools to scale, rotate, and change perspective, and move football players into position
          8) De-float selection
          9) Crop & Save