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Creative interpretations: Portrait - Becky

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  • Creative interpretations: Portrait - Becky

    For your creativity...

    Becky, taken by Mark Revelator.

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    When I saw this, the red stood out. I made it stand out even more!

    Duplicated Red channel into layer set with blend mode = dodge. Added mask to bring out detail in left hand.

    Duplicated eyes into layer with blend mode = screen.

    Did some more color adjustment.

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      Used Xero Graphics line art filter on duplicate layer, then a new white layer with noise added mode - soft light.

      Colour layer to give the sepia tint.

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        Beautiful, Christine!


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          Very nice image to work with!

          Jeff - very nice !!!! to say the least.... I like the overall look you got with this.

          Christine --- oooooh that was my first thought with this image! Wonderful! very, very nice.

          I went for a B&W with a touch of color look.
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            Great submissions so far. Each gives a different personality to her face.

            Mine isn't too much different. I played with it in a filter called Lucis Art for while. Then decided that the shirt was the dominate element rather than her face--added a HSL layer and reduced saturation, paint on masking to return color to her face.
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              Glad you found your way over to the Photo-art forum. Welcome. Hope we see more of your works soon.

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              Hey Jill:

              Nice to see your smiling avitar. Don't be such a stranger.

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              I've gone back and forth on that Lucas plug. The demo effects look pretty interesting. How do you like it overall?

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              Very creative approach. I seldom think of messing directly with the channels. There's a lot of opportunity there for that sort of thing.

              - - - - - -

              I was all over the map on this one... It consists of layers rendered by:
              * Dry brush
              * Find Edges
              * Msft Impressionist (various effects)
              * Paint Engine - arctic
              * Paint Engine - impressionist 2
              * A grayscale version of the original
              I combined bits and pieces of each using layer masks.

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                Danny--that's a nice charcoal sketch look.

                I'm not quite sure what I think of Lucis Art yet. It's a little pricey for what I'm able to get out of it so far. My results aren't anywhere near as good as their samples (but I haven't tried it on that many pics yet either). I was most attracted by the sculpture filter and find it works well on fewer images than I'd hoped. There's less control over the filters than I'm used to from other products.

                On the other hand, I'm finding the exposure filter is performing way beyond my expectations (it works best on low settings). In addition to lightening shadowed areas and bringing out the detail there, it can really make the details pop throughout the image. Exposure will probably be the one I use the most and will be useful for retouching as well as "artifying."


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                  I just used thresholds to make the black and white image then cloned in the spots that got left out in thresholds. Next I mad a gradiant and placed that on the iamge along with a pattern.
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                    Very artistic entries by everyone.

                    Mark captured a nice picture.

                    Jeff- I like your simplified style and heavy contrast.
                    Christine - Sepia works very well with this image.
                    Jill - Nicely done.
                    Cheryl - The hint of color really brings attention to the face.
                    Danny - I really like what you did this image. Very painterly rendition.
                    rispencer1 - You've managed to capture the essence of the image with very simplified lines. Well done.

                    Enlarged the image before working on it.
                    Used curves to bring out some color
                    Ran Sho to bring out some more detail on the subject.
                    Ran curves again to bring out the post texture.
                    Blended the two with a mask.
                    Used several Nik filters to help with the color and detail (skylight, midnight, contrast, classical blur and monday)
                    simplified the image to whiten the background and painted portions of the image back in with a low opacity brush.
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                      cross processed

                      I used my XP#3 Action on this. Then on top merged a composite copy and applied USM at .3 (3x). Changed the blend mode of this layer to Screen and lowered it's opacity to 50%. I think it's kind of an artsy approach.

                      Mama Shan

                      red shirt xp


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                        Becky Portrait

                        I love the other effects you folks submitted, but I went for the romantic. I simplified the image with Paint Engine's Poster7 at half strength, then I did an PSP8 enhance photo, then added soft focus and put it all on quality paper.

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                          My version...

                          I haven't done many of these...been a bit too busy as of late, but when this one came back up, I thought I'd try her.

                          This is done with a sketch technique I've been trying via an Action. I then went off and kept adding to it with various blend modes/layers until I got what I liked. I also had to mask back in on her eyes.

                 it is.
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                            Lovely portrait, and everyone's submitted a nice range of looks. My favorite is rlspencer1 graphic look.

                            I decided to go for the low-key portrait effect, and did a Levels adjustment to darken the original. Then I brought back some of the light to the face and neck, trying to light just the mask of her face.

                            Took a layer and ran Sketch->Graphic Pen, using the warm tones from the background. Did a few layers and layer masks on top to heighten the effect.
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                              I love this! It's kind of the opposite of my high-key approach to keeping the red.



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