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Creative interpretations: Milan Trolley

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  • Creative interpretations: Milan Trolley

    Don't you think it's ironic that this trolley is running "Under Windows" (see pic)?

    Have fun with this one.

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    I used Fantastic Machine's shareware plugin "Paint Engine" on this image. See the following thread for a lot more info on PE (as it's frequently known).

    In the thread are several custom presets that can be added to the PE .ini. I applied one called "0Wetter" four times, then used the smudge tool to smear the MSFT logo and text a bit more.

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      Nice picture, good humor, and nice rendition Danny.

      I threw everything at this: Median filter, Edge-preserving smooth, etc. Kinda a watercolor look.

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        Danny and Jeff--you've both achieved a nice wet-watercolor look that I like. I can see I'm going to be loading some new presets into paint engine.

        This is made of 2 layers--a color layer topped by a sketch layer.

        For the color layer, I started with Buzz (simplifier 1 remove 100, brightness and contrast around 20 each, simplifier 2 remove 50), then used a custom impressionist setting I call detailed rough texture and finished with paint engine's curve brush faded 65%.

        For the sketch layer I started with Buzz's sketch 1 stack (reduced remove to 100 and lowered contrast slightly), then ran distort-glass, and sprayed strokes. Adjusted the brightness and contrast to around 20 each. Selected a white area of the sketch layer and cut it. then when to threshold and adjusted the slider to get rid of the remaining white blotches. Then adjusted the blending mode.
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          Well I thought the trolley would be a good way to go shopping/partying at night so I have made mine a neon trolley.
          I did the following:
          1. Increased contrast and did some color adjustment.
          2. Diffuse Glow 5.0.16
          3. Glowing Edges 3.6.6
          4. The went to work cloning out what wasn;t right.
          5. Added render light flare for Head lights
          6. Did a little air brushing on the Microsoft neon sign.
          All of you have a nice holiday.
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