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Creative interpretations: Mika

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  • Creative interpretations: Mika

    Too bad she's got such a pouty expression, but the lighting is terrific. Wish we had a high quality, hi-res pic to work with on this one.

    Photo by her dad, Chris Monroe.

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    Chris should be very proud, what a beautiful little one!

    I duped the image 2 times, in screen mode, then added a curves adjustment layer to reduce the highlites a little. Merged.

    Duped twice:
    middle layer: Paint Engine (random settings), and masked to better reveal face detail
    top0 layer: DC Outliner (comic book), layer blend = multiply. also masked to reveal face.

    Hope everyone had a good holiday!

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      Very interesting creation, Jeff, as usual. The outlining adds a unique quality.

      - - - -

      On mine, I...
      * Did some initial cropping
      * Tried out a technique I read about in Photoshop Artistry 7 (Wendy Crumpler, et al)...
      ......Find Edges (overlay)
      ......Colored Pencil (soft light)
      ......Dry Brush

      ...and then applied a layer of Microsoft Impressionist Pencil Sketch (mono) for some texture.

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        Love the picture.

        Jeff - I like the simplified look. Interesting effect with the bold outline.
        Danny - Very painterly look. I would imagine it would even be better if the image was a little higher in resolution.

        Cropped the image slightly. Ran Sho to bring out some detail. Used EQ to add some texture to the costume. Utilized some Nik filters (midnight, skylight, contrast), painted in using masks. Use emboss on portions of the image. Simplified the BG and lessened the effect on the face.
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          Cropped and ran a Screen Mask shadow reduction. Duped and did a smart blur. Masked the eyes and mouth back in. Applied a vignette layer, flattened and applied sandstone texture.

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