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News: A Moment to say "Thanks"

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  • News: A Moment to say "Thanks"

    The Thanksgiving holiday will be celebrated this week in the U.S. If you can look past the commercialization and the fact that way too many people will eat way too much and focus on the concept, to take a few moments to appreciate the many blessings in ones life, it can be a special day.

    One of the things for which I am grateful are the regulars who take the time to create and post their works and share their techniques in this forum, as well as those who are still looking and learning who someday will start posting their creations, too. Each of you, regardless of your level or frequency of participation, help make this forum a special place. Thank you.

    May this be a day of family, peace and reflection no matter who you are or where in the world you live.


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    Well said, Danny. I try to never be unappreciative of the many riches I am blessed with. But like so many others, there are times when I don't reflect on that. This is one of the very few sites I visit regularly, and I want to thank you and the rest of the moderators, as well as the janitor, who put it all together. It takes a real committment to keep things going. Best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season to all! And let's remember our boys overseas and their families.



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      Danny...and everyone else for that matter, I hope you all have a very nice holiday. I find myself being more of a lurker in that I'm still pretty green at this kind of stuff and don't feel confident enough to contribute. I have learned so much from everyone here the last few months it has been incredible. I can't thank you all enough...


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        Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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          Happy Thanksgiving!

          Thanks to our "Janitor" aka website owner for giving us this site;
          Thanks to our moderators for keeping this site running;
          Thanks to our members for keeping the site interesting & valuable;
          Thanks to our lurkers -- who become our new members;

          Thanks to all the folks who work on Thanksgiving Day and every other day to keep us safe or care for us when we are hurt or sick -- police, fire, medical, military;

          Thanks to all the teachers who lead us to the joy of learning;
          Thanks to all the utility workers, construction workers, plumbing, electrical, mechanical repair workers who keep things functioning;
          Thanks to all the retail/wholesale, truckers & aviation folks who keep the goods coming to our homes;

          Thanks to YOU for all YOU do.


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            Very well spoken, Danny & everyone!

            Thanks for everything!



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