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Creative interpretations: Cat named Deejay

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  • Creative interpretations: Cat named Deejay

    After you lose the distracting arm and part of somebody's head, you should have a nice puddy tat to work with.

    Photo courtesy of Denise.

    Have fun... Meow.

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    On my rendition I used Curves to make a heavy contrast. I then went into the filters and did cutout and posterize. Finally I cleaned up by cloning some spots. Thanks Denise for your image.
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      Posterize & cutout worked well here, Bob, but the crop really makes this a standout effort.

      - - - - - - - -

      On mine I isolated DeeJay from the background and gave him another paw for balance. Then I started experimenting with layers and blends and filters (oh my!), namely Colored Pencil, Dry Brush, Find Edges, and Microsoft Impressionist.

      The background is based on the original image colors on which I applied Motion Blur to munge them together.

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        3 cats

        I used instant photo artist to create the 3 cats using the black and white pencil style, saved the result and opened in PS. Copied the coloured eyes in from the original.

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          Christine, I liked your idea and I hope you don't mind but I spun it off in this directions. Thanks for your thoughts. All I did was the following:
          1. Level for contrast I hope Denise doesn't mind her cat being a tabby.
          2. Transform/Flip Horizontal on one image and then joined them.
          3. Had a brush of a castle and used blue as the color
          4. Added render clouds, lowered the opacity and moved the layer around until I had it I hope looking like fog.
          5. Added some lights in the castle windows.
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