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Creative interpretations: Cathedral and Skyscraper II (with attachment :-0 )

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  • Creative interpretations: Cathedral and Skyscraper II (with attachment :-0 )

    Interesting contrast in architecture. Photo courtesy of Ed.

    With attachment this time!

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    A somewhat different approach for me...

    * Used Selective Color and Quick Mask to build a mask for dropping out the sky
    * Applied the mask to isolated the skyscraper and church and sky background onto separate layers
    * Applied Threshold adjustment layer to the buildings for a stark black and white look
    * Applied Microsoft Impressionist Natural Media/Cloth Scraps, Charcoal/Default and Natural Media/Gauze on the background.
    * Used Clone tool to clean up both layers.

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      Not really 'art' but this to me cried out for a spooky effect.

      Ran Mystical lighting - spotlight to highlight the cathedral.

      added the cat's eyes from ' a cat called deejay'

      duplicated the eyes layer to add more depth.

      Danny - the stark black and white really works well.

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        I've been lurking for a while, finally had the time to try a challenge!

        Adjust levels, selective color, perspective.
        Ran Mike Finn's Insta-Paint action.
        Reduce opacity of pencil layer.
        Added solid color mask, painted with dry brush tip light flow.

        I've enjoyed looking at all the great work here, I hope you'll enjoy mine!



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          is that the st. patrick's on fifth avenue?


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            Andante: Sorry, I don't know the location. The photographer didn't mention it.

            Christine: Good eye for the possibility. Cleverly done.

            Patricia: A BIG Welcome from the shadows. Glad you decided to jump into the pool. Now that you've got your toes wet, don't hesitate to keep on playing. You definitely have what it takes: The desire to do it, the tools and the ability. Keep 'em coming.



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              1: ran thru combo painter action
              2: masked out parts on unwanted layers
              3: flattended image
              4: ran diffuse glow on the cathedral
              5: ran gothic glow actn
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                I really like what everyone has done here!

                Unfortunately, I was out of the country for several weeks on business and did not get to play . However, I am back now!

                I separated the skyscraper, and simplified it using PSP's edge preserving smooth. I then selected the sky using the magic-wand, then inverted the selection to have only the buildings. Next, I ran "Filter Farm" on them to create the surrealistic look.

                Merry Christmas to all!

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                  Just used the following:
                  1. Cutout
                  2. Color overlays
                  Just having fun.
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