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Creative interpretations: Boat, Bridge and Waterfrontridge

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  • Creative interpretations: Boat, Bridge and Waterfrontridge

    I thought this one had potential...

    Have fun...
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    Here's a BW version rendered by Mike Finn's "Insta-sketch, Beta" action (free and available here:

    The watercolor layer was not used. A Levels adjustment layer was used to get rid of most of the midtone noise.

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      This interpretation is based on the BW version (previous post). that was flattened (layer B below).

      Here's the layer stack (top to bottom). The image was built from A - E.

      E. Copy of original BG image. Layer > Add Layer Mask > Hide All. Set foreground color to white and paint where you want to restore any detail.

      D. Duplicate original BG
      * Smart Blur, Edge Only.
      * Image > Adjustments > Invert.
      * Filter > Diffuse > Ansiotripic.
      * Filter > Sharpen > Unsharp Mask. This gives some nice line detail. The Diffuse and USM give the lines a little more definition.
      * Change blend mode to = Darken. This will show the black lines and suppress the white in this layer.
      * Set opacity=75%. Added Layer Mask and painted black to hide some unwanted line detail.

      C. Hue/Sat adjustment layer (Sat = + 40)

      B. Copy Mike Finn insta-sketch layer from other image. Set blend mode to Overlay, and opacity to ~ 65%.

      A. Duplicate original BG. Layer rendered by Microsoft Impressionist ** plugin. Charcoal: Default setting. Renders a nice patchy color effect.

      Background (off)

      - - - - - - - - - -

      ** Microsoft Impressionist Plug-in

      Recently I've acquired a couple extra copies of MSFT Front Page 98 (legit CDs) that contains Impressionist, the hard to find and very versitile Windows-only photo-art plug-in.

      Contact me via PM if you might be interested in taking a copy off my hands for a good cause.

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        Danny--I like the first one; I love the second one! This is going to be a fun pic to play with.


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          Nice work Danny. I also like the second one.

          Here is one done in PSP8. Dupped the BG, set to difference, and did a negative image.

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            catia, that looks great, looks like an artists rendition future bridge. Nice job.


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              Thanks. The technique doesn't look good on all images; but, it seemed to really work on this one.



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                Converted to a coloured line drawing, inserted a neutral colour textured layer.

                Set the layer mode of the drawing to multiply.

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                  Very effective technique Christine. I like the end result a lot. It reminds me a bit of Stipple Engraving.



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                    C--great effect for this image. It gives it a futuristic/sci fi look.

                    Christine--I like the muted colors--it gives it an old-time look. The texture adds to the look, but is just a little too strong for my taste.

                    This comes out of my grab bag collection. The color layer is a custom impressionist preset followed by fantastic machine's paint engine (a current favorite combo for me). The sketch layer is a buzz sketch followed by distort--glass.
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