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Creative interpretations: Retaurant on Beach in Crete

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  • Creative interpretations: Retaurant on Beach in Crete

    Another pic from Crete. Never been there, but this looks very nice.

    Photo by MarciJ.

    Lunch, anyone?

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    Thought I'd experiment with BuzzPro and Microsoft Impressionist.

    Attached is the final result. The next post has a snapshot of the Layers Palette.

    Layer notes:

    B. Use the Buzz preset Coloured Patches, but changed settings to 42 and 330.

    D. I though the sand detail got wiped out a little too much, so I restored a little by copying the original background and restoring some detail via a Hide All Layer Mask.

    E. Another MSFT Impressionist layer, but I changed the settings a bit to get larger, more defined strokes.

    F. Selectively applied a Hue shift and Saturation boost to all areas except the sand and mountains

    G. A little more boost to the tree leaves.

    This is FUN!

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      The Layers Palette...
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        Nice work Danny.

        I thought this would look nice done up by the David Roley Hayes Cafe action.

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          And here is a second one obtained with my difference/invert technique.

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            Great stuff

            Although I am overly found of anything hayes Islandish I have to say Danny, that is the closet to looking like a hand done painting i have ever seen. Great job as always.


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              Danny-- I love the bold colors and the way the little bits of white show through--like where paint missed the canvas.

              C--Hayes Island worked well on this image.

              I started with some custom impressionist presets (my ink and thin watercolor action), then deleted the find edges layer the actions creates. Put a copy of the original on top and used the bold lines action from a new set I'm working on.
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                Just 2 filters - Ink outlines and texture.

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                  Thanks for your comment Cheryl. Nice watercolor look to your version.

                  Christine, I like the ink outline result. The texture is a little heavy for me. I guess I am a light on the texture person. BTW, I have found that if I go to Edit - Fade after applying texture and fiddle with the fade control I can get an in between result that is sometimes better than the texture setting. You probably already know that. Sorry, just trying to be helpful.



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                    These are great!

                    Here's mine:

                    * buZZ simplifier 2
                    * PS Watercolor
                    * PSP Edge-Preserving Smooth on sky & water
                    * PSP Hot Wax Coating @ 25%

                    Hope the new year finds everyone well!

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                      I’m trying to learn how to control Virtual Painter.

                      This one I used some
                      BuZZ Pro: Simplifier (4058) and Blur More
                      Smudging to Soften Edges
                      and Texture
                      Ci-restaurant-in-crete 2
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                        crete restaurant

                        I'm rather humbled by the beauty of the various renderings of this image!

                        I took the easy way out, rather than attempting to updo anyone. I did a VP collage with everything set to -5 except color which was -4 and focus which was +5.

                        Then I softened it, added a mild texture and used the PSP8 warp brush to turn the lines in the sky into gulls.

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                          Such a beautiful, tranquil setting. But in the light of recent tragic events, one wonders if....
                          Anyway, here's my latest technique of using brushstrokes in ps7, coupled with vp airbrush and buzzpro.
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                            JCH - Great result and well done.
                            Amy - I love this - bold and strong. Perfectly suited for this image.
                            Clever use of the warp tool I must say...!
                            Steve - Glorious result, the colours appear almost luminous!
                            Jaykita - Wonderful soft result - surely a "keeper" for future use.


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                              Painter 8.1

                              Time: 1 hour

                              Cloned using Digital Water Colour/Dry Brush throughout

                              Blenders/New Simple Blender

                              Added some extra cloud using Dry Brush

                              Cloners/Soft Clone - used to bring back some
                              detail especially around tablecloth edges, chairs
                              and table condiments.

                              Dropped all layers then duplicated.
                              Gel mode. Lowered opacity.

                              Added a sandstone texture and frame in PSP8.1

                              I LOVE PAINTER ....absolutely the best money I ever spent.

                              "All I wanna do is have some fun,
                              I gotta feeling, I'm not the only one...."
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